An Honest Review of the Upright GO Posture Trainer

I’ve always been tall, but as a super shy kid, I was always trying to slouch myself into a more average height. I’m 5’11” but have always had terrible posture. I always sit hunched over, and constantly have to remind myself to stand tall. I haven’t always cared enough to work on it, but recently a Facebook ad that crossed my feed got me thinking that this was something I wanted to change about myself.

What’s bad about having poor posture?

I can think of many drawbacks of poor posture. The biggest side effect in my opinion, is long term body pain. I always have neck and back pain and I think it would improve if I focused on the way I held my body while sitting and standing. I also think the way I am perceived by others when I am standing tall and proud is more confident. And frankly, I do care a little bit about how I come across to others. Straighten up!

What are the benefits of good posture?

In my opinion, looking taller and more confident are awesome benefits, as well as exercising my core muscles and training my neck and back and shoulders to sit at ease in a relaxed state. When I am sitting with good posture, I have way less tension in my body.

Upright Posture Trainer Review

After I saw the Upright GO in a Facebook ad, I knew I had to try it! I’m always getting served ads for new and innovative products (and I kind of love that Big Brother is watching for that reason LOL). I ended up buying it, and have a love/hate (mostly love) that I’ll describe below.

How it works

The Upright GO is a digital, wearable device that originally was meant to attach to your upper spine with adhesive pads. Each day you are given a “training period” while you sit or stand. You set your posture and try to maintain it, but if you start to slouch you get a gentle vibration as a reminder. After the training period, you can enter a tracking period. There is a smartphone app that accompanies the Upright GO to give you progress reports and remind you to stay active with your posture training.

I found that during the tracking period, it wasn’t hard to remember to sit and stand tall, but when you’re in the training period it’s easy to slouch again without the constant reminders. Luckily, the whole point is to train yourself to have great posture over time and you’ll improve if you stay consistent with wearing this.

My love/hate relationship

I was super excited to try this, and bought mine for around $80. It’s so expensive. It’s a piece of plastic with adhesive pads. I wore it a few times with the adhesive pads and was worried it would fall off my back and be $80 wasted. Then a few weeks later, I saw they came out with the Upright GO2 which is a smaller and sleeker model. That was really annoying to see, because you never want to invest in something expensive, only to see them roll out the newer, nicer model shortly after.

So, my posture trainer went to live in a drawer for a few months.

But then recently, I noticed they came out with a new accessory that I knew would make this so much easier to use. They came out with the Upright Necklace, made from high-grade silicone. It allows you to connect to the GO/GO2 with a USB attachment and magnetic clasp, and securely fits without adhesives. I bought it right away, knowing that if I had it I could rescue my Upright GO from the drawer it was living in. Without the fear of it falling off while I’m out, I would feel so much more confident wearing it.

Overall thoughts

It’s expensive, seems somewhat gimmicky, and is just a simple piece of pricey plastic. BUT…I’m serious about improving my posture and would’ve paid much more than $80 to hire a healthcare professional to help me fix it. I kind of love that we live in a time where we can have an abstract issue and it’s easily fixable with something we find online. With my recent purchase of the Upright Necklace, I’m very happy, it renewed my love for my Upright GO, and I feel good about improving my posture without losing the device.

My honest opinion is that YES, it does work. I’m much more mindful of my posture. I’ve found myself pausing to take a deep breath and relaxing my shoulders more often. I’m much more consistent about using it.

Which one should you invest in? It was annoying to me that right after the Upright GO came out, that the GO2 came out and had a sleeker model, and a longer battery life. I was wishing I had that one instead. But knowing that I charge it while I’m sleeping, and I use it more frequently with the necklace, I’d spring for the original GO and spend your extra $20 on the necklace so you don’t lose the device.

What do you think? Would you invest in the GO or the GO2? I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this product if you one one! Let me know in the comments!

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