All we need is love

Just a little thing that took me 33 years to learn. NBD.

The new year, new me mentality. This time of year, all it takes is a short scroll through my feed to make me feel inadequate. Heavy. In need of change. In the form of weight loss.

But all those diet programs I’m usually eyeing for the new year? This year they lost their luster. I know they won’t help me. I’ve always struggled with consistency when it comes to my health and wellness. OH HOW I WISH I could just drop a couple hundred bucks and call it good. That that would be enough to “fix” my issues. And believe me, in the past, that was my way. And if I happen to change my mind sometime between now and the new year, I know that all I have to do is follow the feed for a hot second until I land on a health coach or guru that will have the magical answer to all my problems. But, no.

This year, I know myself better. I know that a shiny new health program isn’t going to stop my hand from going into a bag of chips when I’m stressed. It’s not going to stop the parallel between my mood that day and what I choose to eat. I know that the temporary high I’ll get from trying something new and exciting will be short lived. I know that substituting meals for potions, soups, supplements, and shakes is not going to result in lasting change for me. I know that even if I DO lose a few pounds, and even if they’re gone forever, I’m not going to like myself more because of it. It’s not going to change who I am inside. Losing a few pounds is not going to make me more desirable, more funny, more pretty, or more lovable.

I will be those things at any size.

The truth is, all the scale tells me is how much my body weighs. If I don’t like living inside of it, it won’t matter what the outer package looks like. If I want to create lasting change, there is no potion or pill that compares to loving and accepting myself right where I am right now. Happiness is an inside job. This year, instead of buying into a new weight loss plan, I’m going to invest in radical self love instead.

I am enough. You are enough. All we NEED is love.

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