All the Books I Read in April 2020

I’ve been really finding myself needing to engage in some self-care, so reading books for escapism has been just what I need during this pandemic. For me, reading self-improvement books always appeals to me, but it’s 100% NOT what I need right now. I might have been shopping with my mask at Target the other day and actually flipped off Dave Hollis’s new book as I walked by. Just sayin’…really not trying to improve right now. But I read some really great books that were fun to dive into, so I’ll share them below.

Open Book by Jessica Simpson

Open Book: A Memoir

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jessica Simpson. My connection with her started as a teenager when she was rising in fame as a singer. I loved her and thought she was so beautiful. Then when I went to college, I was working selling shoes at Macy’s and became obsessed with her line of shoes. Then her line of jewelry, some of which I still have, and is absolutely gorgeous. Everything about her entire look appeals to me. She is an amazing musician, has great hair, and just seems down to earth.

I loved reading her book and learning about her journey through life. Hearing about her marriage with Nick Lachey and getting the inside scoop was really interesting. I loved how open she was about the juicy details about her boyfriends, including John Mayer. I had completely forgotten about her reality tv show, but I found it interesting to know that she gave them what they wanted, even when it made her look less intelligent. It was a fun blast from the past reading about her take on what the celebrity gossip magazines used to post about her way back when this was all going down, and way back when I used to read magazines!

Her struggles are super relatable even though she’s a celebrity. Her life and mine have many parallels. She’s sentimental, keeps the same friends for life, and I think if we knew each other in real life we would be bff. I like her even more after reading her book. I read the whole thing in one evening, and totally recommend it whether you’re a fan of hers or not.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle


This is such an important and special book. I found myself clinging to every word. I’ve been a fan of Glennon’s since she wrote the mom blog, Momastery, and long before she was ever an author. I’ve read all of her books now and cling to every word. Glennon is wise and well-spoken and her style of writing and story telling flows in a way that is beautiful to read and hard to put down.

This book was everything I never knew I needed until I picked it up. It’s all about finding our inner voice before the world tells us how to be. It’s caused me to do so much reflecting in the last few weeks about who I am when nobody is looking, and what I really want from my life. It’s a must read. My copy is dog-eared already and I’m not letting anyone borrow it. This will be my new go-to gift for every girl in my life.

Oh and also, I subscribe to Book of the Month, which is one of the ways I have gotten really into reading again in the past several months. I was so happy to see this as one of the trending selections right now.

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What did you read in April? I’d love to hear about your recommendations. Leave it in a comment and I’ll check it out!

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