Adventures in Camping With a Baby- Essential Items to Bring

camping-with-jocelynA few days ago, it was Father’s Day, and for my husband’s first daddy’s day ever, he decided he wanted to take a camping trip. I love camping, but only if it’s done my way. I bring a 20 pound dufflebag full of things to keep me entertained, skin care products, makeup, magazines, you name it.  I travel in style. 
We haven’t gone camping in almost two years, so the anticipation of this trip was pretty epic. It was to be our first Father’s Day, and our first camping trip since we were married, since being in Washington, and since having a baby. This is big stuff, people. I will save you the anticipation and tell you in advance that we tore down our tent at 2 am after our child was cutting four teeth at once and screaming bloody murder in the silence of the campground. My husband also forgot pillows (!!!!) and the weather reached 40 degrees right before we started to pack up. We were kind of doomed from the beginning.
I had a great bag of goodies packed to get me through a day and a night of camping life though, and I want to share. Even if we didn’t get to stay, I packed a bag of essentials that was pretty awesome. Since I have a blog I thought…hey, I packed like a genius, and I should share!Hair ties are an absolute must when braving it in the nature, period. I always tie a few around the handle of my hairbrush and one around my wrist. SPF is also a must have. From the sun beating down on you through the car window en route to your destination, to setting up a tent, there’s no escaping the rays. First, I apply Skinceuticals sunscreen to my face, and then I apply Avene’s tinted compact for a little color. If I want to touch up during the day, I apply Skinceuticals again in tiny circles on my face so I don’t mess up my makeup. Using cream blush, a nude shimmery eyeshadow, and a bit of mascara helps me look polished but not too overdone in the wilderness. It’s an easy look to apply sunscreen over top of if I have to as well.My daughter wears JASON SPF Kids sunscreen on her entire body and her head (she doesn’t have much hair yet). She rips off sun hats and sunglasses, so we have to keep her protected. I wear sunglasses so I don’t squint my eyes and get crows feet. I’ll be looking for a new pair soon, since I sat on mine and broke them as we packed up at 2 am. 
If you have a child, or even if you don’t, it’s hard to get around at night in the tent. We packed a head lamp, which was pretty much ingenious for the art of changing diapers in the dark. As you can see, our kiddo was pretty mesmerized by this. Footsie pajamas for kiddos are also a must when camping. Have to keep those feet warm!
S’mores ingredients are an absolute must have for the night time. I don’t care what kind of healthy living diet you are on, melting marshmallows over the fire needs to happen if you are camping. I ate exactly three s’mores this camping trip. Graham crackers, jumbo marshmallows, and hershey’s chocolate are the perfect trio.When the sun starts to go down, and it’s time to get ready for bed, I go through my rigorous face washing routine and de-campfire-fying myself. I can’t be the only one who loves to sit around a campfire but am repelled by the scent of campfire in my hair and on my clothes. I should have mentioned above that I’m more into “glamping” than camping. I will only go to camp sites that have flush toilets. There is just no way I’m using a port-a-potty. Luckily for me, we had a campsite that was right next to a single stall bathroom, complete with flush toilet, sink, and countertop space. Seriously, amazing.I brought my Clarisonic (my face doesn’t feel clean unless I use it every day) along with whatever I had for minis in face wash, toner, and moisturizer. Layers of SPF need more than just hands and a towel to get off at night, so the Clarisonic is actually super important to pack. It might sound high maintenance, but I also brought along a facial serum that was really hydrating. This is another important step, because at night when it gets chilly and you’re sleeping outside, you’ll want to make sure you keep the moisture in your skin. My holy grail bed time lip product is Josie Maran Argan High Gloss lip quench but for the price I don’t like to take it out of my house in case it gets lost. Instead, I travel with EOS lip balm in lemon drop. It’s huge, tastes and smells like lemon, and has SPF so it’s great for day time use as well. It doesn’t get lost in my purse because it’s so big, and the twist off cap ensures that the top doesn’t just pop off into your bag. My husband uses this too and is always stealing my lip balm sphere. Good thing they’re so cheap (around $3) so they’re easily replaceable!Lastly, and most importantly, I like to bring along a hair fragrance and a clingy body fragrance. Here’s what I mean by clingy: most body spray type fragrances that you spritz on sit on your skin and fade over the span of an hour or so. A “clingier” fragrance actually seems to penetrate the skin and the scent lasts for far longer. My favorite scent for this is the Moisturize Me body spray in Bon Bini by Bath Bar. For long lasting scent in your hair that will rid you of the camping scent, try GG Gatsby’s Flirt in a Bottle. It’s super fresh and definitely gets rid of the yucky scent of stale campfire.
All in all, I was bummed we had to leave early, but here’s what I would repeat or do differently if I had it to do over:
  • The first time camping with a child, make sure you do it close to home. Luckily, we were a short 40 minutes from home for our camping adventure.
  • Check and re-recheck that you packed everything. Not having pillows to sleep on was hell.
  • Consider renting a cabin within a campsite (usually more like $50 a night instead of the standard $25 for tent camping). That will allow you to have more room for things like a pack and play, which is something we couldn’t bring.
  • If your kid is teething, stay at home.
Have YOU ever gone camping with an infant? Was it a success or an epic fail?


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