Adjust Your Spritz- Hairsprays That Do It All

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Interested in a new hairspray for the new season? I’ve got 5 great options for you (but really just 2 brands and 3 actual sprays…) Look no further than Moroccanoil and GO 365 for your hair spritzing needs. 

One of my favorite brands because their formulas are infused with argan oil, these two hairsprays offer long lasting, flexible hold with no sticky residue, are lightweight, and great for creating any style. I love to layer these hairsprays in my hair. I spray the medium hold everywhere, and spray just the top layer of my hair in the front with the strong hold. This keeps everything in place but I don’t have to walk around with a full head of hair so stiff it doesn’t move. As with all Moroccanoil products these make my hair shine and smell awesome. Frizz be gone! Love these hairsprays and how healthy they make my hair look.
Depending on your hair’s needs, simply turn the nozzle to the desired strength. 3 settings on this baby are low, medium, and high, as indicated on the can. Seriously, why has nobody ever thought to do this in a hairspray before? When I want to go simple, this is the can I grab for. Also, you can’t beat 100% vegan, paraben free, sodium chloride free, gluten free, etc. Easy as pie to use, and no nasties…sign this girl up.

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