How to Add Volume QUICKLY to Thinning Hair

Have you ever heard the saying “the bigger the hair the closer to God?” This is what I think about when I use the Voloom. The Voloom is a rad new hair tool I have been testing out lately. I am excited to share with you the results and a few of my thoughts on this tool! 

First of all, what is it? It’s not a curling iron, and it’s not a flat iron. It’s the first ever hair volumizing iron, designed specifically to add huge volume to hair. It’s great for fine, thin, or aging hair. The secret is in the patent-pending plates. The plates look like a waffle iron, and they are used in the under-layers of the hair, creating “volume pockets” that lift the hair up and away from the scalp, lifting and separating individual hairs. The result is a crazy big head of hair!


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Besides the awesome heat tool, you also get a heat sleeve and some hair clamps in the box with this heat tool. I already have lots of these at home, but it was nice to get a few extras. You simply separate your hair into sections and use the Voloom near the root on several layers to add volume as you go.

voloom crimper 1Here is the close up of the part of the tool that clamps on to your hair. It really does remind me of a waffle iron. You can see it’s not quite a crimping iron, and not quite a straightener. You definitely would not get the same results from a crimping tool, and you definitely wouldn’t want to use this as a crimper on your hair because they are NOT the same.

voloom waffle ironMy hair is already pretty thick by nature, so I’m not their exact demographic, but I got nice results from this machine nonetheless. I am actually going through major pregnancy hair loss right now. Every time I go into the bathroom, I brush my hair and I lose LOTS of hair into my brush every time I go through it. I am also shedding all over the house. I remember from my last pregnancy, I was balding a bunch around my hair line and it wasn’t cute, and it lasted several months. I could see this being a saving grace for someone post-pregnancy!

I love the difference in volume I saw from this in my before and after. I love that it is SUPER quick and I don’t have to deal with hair breakage from teasing my hair at the crown. The tool heats up to to 390 degrees which is plenty hot. They have recommended heat settings for fine, damaged, or chemically treated hair (320-350F); normal hair, medium, healthy hair (350-370F); and thick, coarse or curly hair (370-390F). I had great luck at 350 degrees despite having chemically treated hair that is pretty thick and coarse.

voloom before copyvoloom after copy

Now, for a couple concerns. To use the Voloom you have to clamp near the root of the hair with a super hot tool. You’ll definitely want heat protectant for this. This is also not something you necessarily want to do to your hair every single day or you will probably see some heat damage. You don’t want heat damage at the root of your hair!

To get the results to last all day, I do have to use a bit of hairspray on my roots where I put the heat tool. For that reason, this doesn’t help me with second day hair. If I am having to spray product on my roots on day one after a hair wash, I am unlikely to get a ton of life out of that wash. I like to keep my hair washing to 2-3 days a week, but if I use hairspray, my hair doesn’t get much more life after that day. 

The highest layer of hair I can do with this has to be about halfway up my scalp and no further or else when my hair naturally parts and moves during the day, I can see the underneath layers through the top and the Voloom’d part shows through. 

For me personally, this is a super cool tool, works really fast, and I dig the results. I probably still wouldn’t take the time to use it every day. I would save this for a special occasion most likely. But that’s coming from someone who is generally really low maintenance with my hair. I’m a wash and go girl. In the winter I blow dry and straighten my hair, and adding yet another step kills me, but I love the results enough to give this a whirl on occasion. 

For Thanksgiving, my aunt was in town. She is known for having short and sassy hair. She had the same super short style for years and recently grew it a couple inches longer for something different. In her words, she looks like a third grader because it’s hard for her to achieve volume with her longer layers. Her hair is about jaw length. For fun, I asked her if she wanted to give this a shot. We tried it on her hair and she absolutely loved it. She was so thrilled with the results and they lasted the entire day, through sweating in kitchen making food for the holidays. I also noticed that when she hairsprays her hair on the top, it’s short enough that it will stay in place and not move around for the bottom layers to show through. I ended up giving it to her because I know she’ll get way more mileage out of than I will. She loves her new “hair waffle iron” and has already emailed me that she is really enjoying playing with it. 

I think this tool could be a godsend for someone with post-pregnancy hair loss if they already started out with thin hair. It would rock for special occasions, or for every day. I think the person who will enjoy this the most is someone with short to medium length, fine hair that wants to add some volume to the crown. That’s what my aunt has! It really looked fabulous on her! As much as I enjoyed using it, I am glad I gave it to someone who would use it even more than I would.

Have you heard of this tool before? Would you use something like this?

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    You hair looks great here. Very pretty!

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