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I have genuinely loved everything I’ve ever used from Laneige’s line so impulse bought their Cream Skin Mist a while ago. I keep it in our most-used bathroom and frequently reach for it to give myself a little spritz. It’s basically a fine-mist spray that can be used whenever for a boost in hydration. Any skin type or texture can use it. My skin is normal to dry, leaning more towards dry in the winter months in the great state of Wisconsin!

I’m not going to take a deep dive into the ingredient list or anything, but I truly love how Laneige does moisture. They are the makers of the infamous Lip Sleeping Mask, and Lip Glowy Balm, both of which are incredible lippie formulas I’ve used on myself and my kids for years. I’ve used the Water Sleeping Mask, and Glowy Makeup Serum (which I LOVE and need to go find because I haven’t used it in a hot minute 🤔). I’ve loved how cushiony and hydrated and all around glowing my skin has looked and felt with each one of these products. So, it was a safe bet that the Cream Skin Mist was going to deliver.

Even though I love spritzing it over my makeup-free skin during the day, or sealing in my moisturizer at night, where it really shines is when used alongside a foundation. I recently splurged on the Smashbox Hydra Foundation which is a medium coverage, natural-matte formula that is meant to be very long wearing. I don’t always use that much coverage but I’ve been experimenting trying to find a cold weather foundation formula that will last all day and well into the evening for my friend’s upcoming wedding. Though I LOVE this foundation (so far) I found myself desiring a little more moisture as the hours went by in order to keep looking super fresh and glowy. A few spritzes of this on my foundation finish kept my skin glowing and looking like I just applied foundation 5 minutes ago.

I love it more the more often I apply it in every situation: night, day, with foundation, without foundation, with light foundation, with heavy foundation, etc. I just don’t think you can go wrong with it. Though I’m trying to cut back on beauty purchases for the new year, I’ll allow myself to replace beloved items as I run out of them and this will no doubt be on the list of things I’ll be putting in my shopping cart in the future. At $27, you can definitely find something cheaper, but to be honest it’s not nearly as expensive as other high ends brands that promise to do the same thing. I appreciate that their marketing targets the average consumer and doesn’t flex its bougie muscles like so many brands ($$$). It’s not necessary. Their items speak for themselves, are housed in very average packaging, and often come in skincare sets where you can try smaller sizes for less money.

The most similar product to this I’ve used has been Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray ($26), but it’s been such a long time since I’ve used it, I couldn’t tell you how they compare specifically. However, Clinique as a brand is also very no nonsense and targets the basic, real girl consumer who wants results.

LANEIGE - Cream Skin Mist 2.54 oz/ 75 mL

Shop Laneige at Sephora.

Grab the Cream Skin Mist for $27 at Sephora.

I get increasingly frustrated with the beauty industry for selling skincare and makeup using airbrushed photos. It’s bullshit and when a 35 year old like me, who grew up without social media filters, can sometimes be fooled that “real people” look like an actual filter, it’s a problem. So I’ll share this picture of me wearing the Smashbox and the Laneige together, but know that it will probably look like shit in my picture compared to elsewhere on the internet. Also, ignore my dry skin patch on my cheek that is hanging off the side of my face. 🤭 My review still stands though: I love them and think they look great together!

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