A Tribute to Mum- Rimmel Challenge 5

Hello beauties!

I was so excited about the awesome challenge Rimmel London presented us with this month.  In honor of Mother’s Day, we were supposed to pay tribute to our mom or another important female figure in our life by celebrating their style and fashion.  The idea was to find a vintage photo of my mom to recreate in a modern way…then recreate it from hair, to makeup, to clothes, location and pose (if possible) and take some pictures.

I had a hard time tracking down a picture of my mom by herself, because she was a very hands on mom and was always carting around me and my little bro.  The 80s, when I was born, was a time where cameras were big, bulky, and expensive, and digitals weren’t around.  If you wanted to take a picture, you normally bought a disposable, which is where a majority of pictures pre-late 90s came from in our household.  The photo quality was low and they were kind of a pain to use, after my brother and I were out of diapers and not as “cute” most of the pics from our life were school pictures, special occasions, or from family vacations.

When I was digging through pictures, I realized that my own personal style has intersected with mom’s many times in my life.  I took my challenge one step further and put in some pictures of me growing up and looking like mom. When I was younger I had the same haircut as my mom!

In this picture, I would say I was in about 10 years old, which would make my mom 35.  She had long hair and straight across bangs.  Her style was pretty low key, and I remember her shopping at Land’s End a lot- simple, basic outfits were and still are her style.  Her hair is back in a pony tail and she’s wearing very little makeup.  She has always worn the same few makeup items for as long as I can remember!  I had the same haircut as my mom for years growing up, like in this picture, and in my adult life I had straight across bangs for a few years too!
When my mom was in her early 50s, I got a bob haircut.  My mom insisted she would never get short hair because she didn’t want to look like a curly haired, perm getting, old lady.  But when I came home from college with a short bob, my mom fell in love and she had to get one too.  Here’s the haircut my mom copied from me!
I got in touch with my dark side when I had this hair cut.  I’ve always been one to experiment with hair colors- I’ve had highlights, lowlights, red, blonde, and you name it in my hair.  My mom, as you can see in the picture above, has darker hair than me naturally.  She chose to chop her hair short for the first time in her life when she realized how much she loved my short ‘do.  

Here’s a picture of my mom copying my hair style at my wedding.  She took a page out of my book and plays with colors these days in her hair.  She rocks highlights now since it covers up the grays better!  She still does straight across bangs, and since she has chopped her hair, she also has become a little more funky, wearing the front flared out.  Cute!  
There is one more time that our styles intersected, and that was our senior pictures, which look pretty similar.  We both had long hair and my facial structure looked just like hers.  
We have the same smile!

And the same long, thick hair!
Ok- I’m avoiding my assignment.  Which is showing you the picture that I’m going to copy from my mom.  I thought it was only fair if I was going to copy a vintage picture that it be something from before I was around, something amazingly 80s, and also, the only picture I could find of my mom when she was all alone.  It’s a school picture for the college that she worked at, and still works at!  I love it!
Curly perm, blue eye shadow, super pink cheeks, and pink lipstick.  Like I said, my mom has worn the same makeup forever, but I think she took a brief hiatus from normalcy in the 80s to test out some rad new colors.  When I was a toddler, she recreated her look on me for Halloween.
Seriously, exact same makeup colors.  Can you tell?  But here’s the finished product now- my mom at age 25 with me at age 25 trying to recreate her look!
Some of my favorite features about myself I inherited from my mom- my thick, healthy hair that grows like a weed, my smile, and my brown eyes.  Although I tried to recreate her look from the 80s today, let’s hope that all of the makeup techniques I utilized to look like her stay in the 80s!  I don’t want to do blue eyeshadow up from lid to browbone again or practically hit pan on my blush trying to cake enough on.  It was fun but I like your style NOW better, mom!
Yours in Beauty,
80’s Justina

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  1. 5.27.12
    jessica said:

    That is super awesome!!! I love your 80s recreation. You look just like her! Jessica

  2. 5.28.12
    Jeannie said:

    This is such a cute assignment!

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