A great habit for the new year

I have so many goals for 2020. I want to get out of debt, I want to plan some vacations, and I want to grow more as a person. One thing those all have in common? Learning more about myself and what it is I value. It will dictate how quickly I am able to pay down debt, it will help me determine where I want to travel with my family, and it will help me grow. Recently, I’ve been journaling using writing prompts, and I think everyone could benefit from doing this daily. It’s a great habit to get into for the new year!

I used to enjoy writing for pleasure and journaling. I kept a diary when I was a kid, and occasionally in college. I stopped once I got married and had kids, but only because I stopped managing my time well once I had less of it. Whether you want to write in a blank book, or use prompts, there is so much to learn about yourself through journaling!

I’m currently using a huge blank spiral bound notebook, and two journals with prompts I picked up at the store. I wanted to share them all with you so you could join in the fun.

Start Today by Rachel Hollis is a daily gratitude and intentional goal setting journal. I picked this up on New Year’s Eve and have been using it daily since. Honestly, it can be really hard to dream about the future if you suffer from depression or feel like you’re in a low place in life. But if you dare to dream about what your life could be like in ten years, it’s hard not to be optimistic. Once those thoughts are in place, you can’t help but make them a goal. Every day I have been writing down five things I’m grateful for, and ten dreams I made happen. Here’s the thing- I haven’t made them happen YET, but writing them down in the present tense makes me want to achieve them at any cost. Doing this daily has been good for me.

Becoming, A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice by Michelle Obama is a journal with thought-provoking questions and prompts to help you discover your own unique story. The prompts talk about your things like your proudest moment, favorite childhood memories, favorite dishes, goals and dreams you have, and your home and what makes it different and special. I have made it several pages in and I’m already learning about myself. One of the things that has stuck out to me is how much random stuff I remember. As I was writing about my graduation day, I can’t remember even being there. I remember looking in the trunk of my Buick that morning for my graduation dress and a can of pickles fell on my foot and shattered on the ground. I had moved out of my apartment the day before and was living out of my trunk. I remember all of my professors wearing the graduation garb and calling out “Gryffindor!” as a joke because they reminded me of Harry Potter characters. It’s often the tiny details and how things made you feel that make the lasting impression.

I also bought a huge spiral bound notebook that has perforation and lays flat and open. I got it so I could free write and journal with prompts of my own. I read the book Let it Bleed, about how to write a memoir, and the author had tons of ideas for prompts. She has this idea where you sit and write with your prompt for twelve minutes without stopping. You can’t rewrite what you’ve read, think too hard, judge yourself, or stop. Just do the thing. I love this idea for so many reasons and her prompts are amazing.

Whether you write in a journal with prompts, in a blank notebook, or even keep a note in your phone or computer, I think it’s such a good habit to get into. Reading through what I’ve written down in one short week, I feel so driven to work through some of my personal issues, achieve my goals, be grateful for what I have, and just keep digging.

Do you journal? What do you use? Tell me all about it in a comment!

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