A Cozy Sleep with Lullaby Earth and Naturepedic

I recently got the chance to work with Lullaby Earth and Naturepedic to review a crib mattress and a toddler pillow. We got these in the mail about a week or so ago and I’ve been so excited to write about them! I left the packaging on for the first picture so you could get a little glimpse at exactly what I got. I reviewed the 2-Stage Super lightweight Eco-Plus crib mattress from Lullaby Earth and also a Toddler PLA pillow from Naturepedic. 
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My daughter is almost a year and a half (seriously, where has the time gone?!) and has been sleeping on a cheap Sealy mattress for her whole life. I had never really thought about upgrading for her, but we upgraded our mattress right before she was born and I know what a big difference it made for my back and for the quality of sleep I get. So it’s only fair, right? After unwrapping the mattress from the box, which you can see in the corner of the picture, below, my daughter wasted absolutely no time hopping on and snuggling up. She knew it was a special treat just for her that I had unwrapped! 
Lullaby Earth sells what I would consider the Mercedes-Benz of mattresses. I don’t think I can even describe how much I love it, even aside from the aspect of comfort for my little one. It’s only seven pounds, which is amazing in comparison to some heavy and clunky mattresses, including her old one. It’s also got two sides, a firmer side for infants, and a softer side for toddlers. Hello, that’s ingenious! I love that I can give her a choice. We’ve been using the softer toddler side for her this week, but we’re going to flip it over to the infant side soon to test both. She’s not old enough to communicate whether she’s comfortable or not, but believe me when I say she’s been sleeping like a rock in her bedroom and that’s pretty rare for her! 
One of the first things I noticed upon unwrapping the mattress was the texture. The entire mattress including the seams is completely waterproof. Not just water resistant, but waterproof. Jocelyn’s last mattress was not waterproof and we had to buy a zip up mattress cover for it. In hindsight, isn’t it kind of ridiculous that non waterproof crib mattresses are even a thing? I can’t count the number of blow out diapers we’ve had in the middle of the night, or accidents where pee has soaked through her bedsheets. Babies do that sort of thing all the time, and it’s just plain horrifying to deal with a situation like that from a sanitary aspect if you don’t have a hygienic mattress. The Lullaby Earth mattress can be wiped down with regular soap and water, and the waterproof surface also functions as a dust mite/bedbug barrier. 
 My friend’s mom is always talking about bed bugs and I am terrified of them. I’ve thankfully never had an encounter with them but every time I go to a hotel I know exactly what to look for. I’m the person ripping the sheets back and inspecting the mattress for bedbugs. I am thrilled that there is a built in protection to my daughter’s mattress that she will never have to worry about getting them! 

For those of you who promote all things green, you will appreciate that there are no harmful chemicals or allergens in the mattress. They are all tested for chemical emissions and meet the strictest level of certification. Honestly, this being my first child, these are things I have never even considered. I feel so ignorant now that I have her sleeping in a great mattress, because I never knew how big of a difference it made! 


I’ve raved about the mattress, but how about that adorable little toddler pillow under this sweetie’s head? The Naturepedic Organic Cotton PLA Pillow has a 300 thread count organic cotton outer cover with plant based PLA fiber filling. It also meets the strictest requirements for eliminating chemical emissions, like the mattress. Beyond being a couture baby pillow, what’s so special about it for mom? The PLA pillow is washable! This is awesome for me because baby drool is a thing and it can definitely soak through the pillowcase. A spot clean pillow is nice but I want to put the whole thing in the wash if it gets icky! 
Now I need to rave a little bit about the pillow because I came up with something groundbreaking in our house. Our daughter has been wanting to sleep in our bed with us every night. She goes down for the night around 8:00 pm and like clockwork, around 11:30 she is crying, and refusing to be in her own bed most nights. A lot of times for the sake of my own sleep, I’ll allow her to sleep with us. It’s frustrating because she takes up a lot of space all sprawled out, and I don’t want it to become a habit. Well, I noticed that she has been a huge pillow hog in our bed, so when I gave her her own pillow, it was like something out of a dream. She is loving sleeping on her pillow. It might have been all she needed to be in our room for! Time will tell but so far so good. We are definitely on to something over here! 


Pictured above you can see our little setup for Jocelyn. She’s got the toddler pillow going, and the mattress, and of course all of her stuffed animals. Don’t worry, she doesn’t sleep like that at night. I just store them there during the day sometimes so she can remember how much fun bedtime is! It can be a challenge to keep her sleeping in her own bed at night so we resort to some ridiculous measures to make bedtime super fun and exciting for her. If you have any tips or tricks, I would love if you could share them with me! 


Another thing I didn’t mention early that I absolutely love about this mattress is how easy it is to put crib sheets on! If you’ve ever made an adult bed, you know how annoying it is when you have a super soft mattress with round corners (pillowtops are especially notorious for this) and you can’t keep a fitted sheet on. In fact, this is what drives me insane about my bed. No matter what I do, I can’t keep the fitted sheet on my bed. Jocelyn’s last toddler mattress could never keep a crib sheet on either. We actually gave up and started using a large flat sheet that we tucked in on all sides. 
The Lullaby Earth mattress is a different story altogether. I have had absolutely no problems getting a standard sized fitted crib sheet to fit on all four corners. It is really the best baby mattress I’ve ever come across and I’m so thrilled with the quality! 
A question I know I’ll be asked is do I really think $199 for a crib mattress is worth it, and $49 for a toddler pillow? Really, that’s up to you and your budget to decide, but I say yes! Just the fact alone that the crib mattress has two levels of firmness makes it worth the extra money. Not to mention there’s a lifetime guarantee, and that it’s completely waterproof, and has all the bells and whistles! It’s the only mattress you’ll ever need until your child is in a twin bed. It’s something they’ll use every single night for a couple years, so it’s worth the investment. Just like how you might spend $80 on a pair of work shoes because your back will thank you, make the investment into your child’s sleep! Their growing little bodies need the back support and comfort and as a parent or guardian, you will have the assurance they are sleeping on the best possible product out there.
Questions or comments? I’d love to hear! Also, click the links to shop below! 

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