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I remember reading somewhere once that if you really want to get into a routine in the morning, you should put your hair, makeup, and wardrobe on repeat and save mixing it up for date night. If you wear your hair and makeup in a similar way it becomes easy to get through the morning in a breeze. Although it is fun to play with makeup, when I leave myself too many choices I end up playing eeny meeny miny moe all morning rather than actually applying the makeup to my face. I have tried to pare it down to a handful of things that I know I will love wearing every morning that matches most outfits. I have come up with a new favorite makeup look that I am loving and it’s been on repeat now for almost a week. Glo Minerals makeup has been the star of the show! 

glo minerals makeup
After skincare, I have been applying the Sheer Tint Base Illuminator as a primer. It is a sheer, light-reflecting formula that seems to give me a light glow when I wear it. There are several ways to wear it, but I have been using it is as a primer, and if I touch up my makeup later in the evening, I tend to use a facial spray and then follow with this on the high points of my face (cheekbones, brow bone, etc). I am loving it! 

I switch my foundations up a lot, but this is one I am reaching for frequently. I apply with a Beauty Blender sponge for a flawless finish! Then, I take my blush brush and dip it into Sweet blush and apply to my cheeks. For such a light, coral pink shade I am surprised by the amount of pigmentation I get out of it. It is really gorgeous and I think it would flatter just about anyone with fair skin like I have. 

glo minerals metallic eyeshadowsAfter applying primer, I’ve been using the Metallic Smoky Eye Kit. I am really loving these neutrals. They are anything but plain. You have to see them in person because they are really gorgeous and combine neutrals with a smoky feel. Even when I’m just wearing the lightest shade I feel like there is a certain finish about these that is just sultry and gorgeous. I think it’s because the shades lean warmer that they come off that way. Although I love some of the huge palettes, having only four shades in front of you takes all the guess work away! 

I’ve been wearing black liquid liner on the upper lashline and gold underneath and finishing off with a dramatic mascara

glo minerals lippiesFor lips, I’m loving the Spark lipstick by Glo. It’s ultra moisturizing and the shade I have is a coral-orange that is kind of striking but still perfect for every occasion. It lasts on my lips for hours without a touchup too which is fabulous! To make my lips look fuller, I am wearing Delight gloss just on the center of my lower lip. It doesn’t have a ton of color on its own but it is so gorgeous as a shimmering highlight to any other lip color I am wearing. 

glo minerals face2So there you have it, my favorite spring look of the moment. I am all about taking great care of my skin so I can get by with less makeup on my face while still looking good. Even after a workout, I was surprised that I needed minimal touchups to my makeup to make it look fresh because the makeup lasted all day long without budging.

glo minerals faceIf you want to check out Glo Minerals for yourself, their website is here. Check them out on social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To find your nearest Glo Minerals retailer, call 1-800-232-0398.

Do you have a go to look? Have you tried this brand? 

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  1. 4.14.15

    You look gorgeous girl. I am loving that eye shadow. This whole look is perfect. I am a neutral lover for sure!!

  2. 4.14.15

    You look so beautiful!!

  3. 4.15.15
    Anastasia said:

    Girl, these colors are so pretty on you! That lipstick/gloss combo is perfection!

  4. 4.15.15
    Amber said:

    I love the look you did! Your skin is flawless, and the peach blush and lip are the perfect shade for you!

  5. 4.15.15

    Awesome job! Super beautiful!

  6. 4.16.15
    Chelsea said:

    I need Spark! That coral is just perfection!

  7. 4.16.15
    Betzy Carmona said:

    such a nice look

  8. 4.19.15
    Sheila said:

    Gorgeous! I love the lip color on you!

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