6 Tips for Beating Holiday Bulge


Now that my youngest has turned one, I’m extra committed to getting my body in shape. My aim is to get into even better shape than I was pre-baby. It’s tough to lose weight but when you have the added pressure of the holidays looming, it can seem extra daunting! I do like to indulge during the holidays, so until after Christmas, my goal is not to lose additional weight, but I want to maintain. How will I beat the holiday bulge? I have 6 tips that have been working well for me that I wanted to share!

6 Tips For Beating Holiday Bulge

Tip #1: Weight myself daily.

Between water weight and PMS, I do give myself some grace but I have a 3-4 lb. range I really like to stay within and weighing myself daily keeps me honest. If I am nearing the top of my range, I know I need to scale back the next couple days and also amp up my workouts. It’s the reality check I need! 

Tip #2: Take before pictures.

At the beginning of my weight loss journey, I took pictures of myself in the mirror at all angles. Weight loss has been slow for me, and it can be difficult to stay motivated. On days when I don’t feel like continuing, I’ll take a picture of myself again and compare it to my “before” to keep myself motivated. Especially during the holidays, I don’t want to lose steam on my goals just to eat yummy food. Seeing how far I’ve come is really helpful to me! 

Tip #3: Have an advance plan for my week of workouts.

At my gym, I have to sign up online for some of my workouts. Having to picture what my week looks like in advance helps me stick with a plan. If I know I’m going to miss a few days at the gym due to the holidays, I can make a plan to go for a run or lift some weights at home on those off days. I’ve also been going heavier on weights and pushing myself more during my workouts this week. With every extra rep, I’m thinking of all the extra treats I plan to have over the weekend! 

Tip #4: Indulge and scale back in moderation.

Let’s face it- I love food and I want to enjoy the holidays. I want to indulge a little bit, but I don’t want to get totally off track. I feel so much better when I am eating well and not taking in too many extra calories, so I plan to indulge a little on great food, and scale back in the days following the holidays. Even if I take in 100 less calories per day for two days before and two days after the holidays, that leaves me the ability to really fill up my plate with yummy food without gaining anything. 

Tip #5: Keep my “why” in mind.

Fitness is a journey, not a destination. My main hope is to lead a long and happy life where I am reaching for exercise and not food for stress relief and strength, and setting a great example of healthy living for my children. Looking really good is just a bonus! I know with a goal like that there is no chance that a few celebrations with comfort food will derail me. Having a short term goal helps me too. In a couple months, I’d like to attend a formal event and wear my wedding reception dress. I tried it on last weekend and I’m not quite there yet. If I keep discipline, I know it’ll fit by the time I need it to, but if not, I won’t meet the goal! I’ve worked too hard for it not to happen. 

Tip #6: Cute workout clothes.

Call me vain, but if I splurge on something cute, I look forward to going to the gym more than if I’m only wearing an old tshirt. I have found some great deals recently on compression workout leggings that are comfy and cute, as well as some breathable shirts. I made a roundup of some gear that I swear by for workouts that you can shop below! 

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Obsessed Babe

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So there you have it; this is how I plan to beat holiday bulge. I’m certainly not perfect but I like to think that every small decision helps. What are you doing to stay fit during the holidays? Please share with me in the comments. Also, please click through to see what other blogger friends of mine are doing to stay fit during this season of delicious food! 

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  1. 11.21.17
    Kathryne said:

    Wow, I remember you announced being pregnant with your youngest, now it has been a year! We’re the same, I want cute workout clothes when I exercise! I also like what you said about growing old and healthy, keep it going! I am glad you are taking important steps to achieve your goals.

  2. 11.21.17
    Tiki said:

    Taking “before” pics are a huge help. I’ve felt that I wasn’t making progress at the time but then I look at the pictures and I see the difference. It has kept me going many days. I’m really working on my emotional eating. The issue I’m having right not is eating at work to stay awake or when I’m bored or stressed.

  3. 11.21.17

    Yes to cute workout clothes – that always motivates me more! I also weigh myself daily and take the average at the end of the week because same things – water weight gain and PMS!

  4. 11.21.17
    NORAH said:

    I take my hat off to you being a mom of girls and making this fitness commitment work. It is so hard but worth every effort. I agree, good workout clothes are a must.

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