6 Secrets for Dewy, Glowing Skin in Time For Summer


Now that warmer weather is here, I have a few skincare goals. Applying SPF every day on my face and body, avoiding a farmer’s tan, getting rid of dark spots, and keeping my skin glowy and hydrated. There is nothing grosser looking than super dried out and tanned skin. It indicates sun damage, and it makes you look so much older. I prefer to slather on the sunscreen, attain my tan from a bottle, and dew up my skin! I have 6 tried and true methods for keeping youthful looking skin on my body all year round, and I pull them out big time in the summer!


Secret #1:

Remove makeup on your face and neck, all the way down to the décolleté. When I’m getting ready and wearing makeup, I always wear bronzer all the way down to my chest to blend it in with my face makeup. So, of course don’t forget to remove every last bit of it. I like to use my Foreo Luna and a makeup remover and cleanser.

 Secret #2:

Exfoliate your body just like you would your face. I often use a scrub in the shower. FarmHouse Fresh sells some of my favorites! If you don’t have time to do a scrub, at least hit your neck and chest with an AHA like my favorite by Ren


Secret #3:

Get your tan from a bottle, not outside. I love using a serum tanning product with my nighttime skincare routine, like the Coola Sunless Tan Anti-aging Face Serum. NKD SKN from Ulta has a great line for body! 

Secret #4:

Use an in shower body oil. I love how silky smooth my skin feels after using a shower oil. LaLicious and L’Occitane are two of my long time favorites, and I recently discovered the Pitanga Triple Phase Shower Oil by Natura Brasil and it’s a new favorite. When I use this as an alternative to shaving cream, I am left with impossibly smooth skin. It also glows up my upper body like none other! 

Secret #5:

This is my favorite secret because I just discovered it for myself. I’m obsessed with It Cosmetics Miracle Water. The texture is like water, but the formula is amazing! It’s a skin brightening, radiance boosting, anti-aging essence. Put simply, it makes my skin super soft and glowy. I use this on my face, but I also started using it on my neck, shoulders, and chest and it gives such a gorgeous glow. I always use this right after cleanser and before I apply any other skincare day and night. 

Secret #6:

SPF always. This one is a duh. I dig Volition Beauty Prismatic Luminizing Shield for face this summer, and I love anything by Coola for body. I even wear SPF when I’m driving. No lie, I keep it in the side door of my van, and every time I get in, I spray myself outside quick first. If I don’t feel like wearing it, I crank the A/C and put on a sweatshirt while I’m in the car, and only spray my face. 

These are my six secrets for dewy, glowing skin this summer. It doesn’t take too much effort to have great skin and it’s totally worth it. Your future self will thank you!

What’s your favorite skincare tip for summer? Please share it with me in the comments below! 

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  1. 6.7.18

    Terrific post!!! I need to try IT Miracle Water. And Coola is my favorite sunscreen along with MyChelle

  2. 6.7.18

    Great tips! I like your product choices too. SPF and good makeup remover are two of my favorites.

  3. 6.7.18
    Kathryne said:

    I love Coola. Have you tried their BB Organice w/ SPF 50? That’s my go-to at the moment.

    • 6.8.18
      justina said:

      Yes I do own their CC cream! I haven’t worn it recently but I should pull it back out.

  4. 6.7.18
    MarciaF said:

    I want everything you mentioned! I could definitely use glowing skin at this stage of my life. I’m a big fan of the IT MIcellar Water as well as anything from FarmHouse Fresh.

  5. 6.7.18

    Those are great picks!

  6. 6.7.18

    Great product pics, I love the IT Micellar Water too!

  7. 6.8.18

    What a fab post for the season! I love the products that you selected!

  8. 6.8.18
    Babi said:

    These are great tips! I’m all about regular exfoliation myself!

  9. 6.8.18
    Lulle said:

    I absolutely love shower oils! They’re perfect to make the skin supple and glowy.

  10. 1.18.21

    thanks for sharing this secret. Loved your blogs.
    This might help me in this summer.

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