6 Fragrances For Spring Wish Lists & Giveaway

I think it’s safe to say I have more perfume than the average woman. Because of the size of my stash, I like to rotate out my fragrances frequently depending on the season and my mood. During the Spring, I like to switch it up to include something fresh and light and floral. I also love bottles that are gorgeous enough to leave sitting on my bathroom sink to display. Behold, six fragrances that are easy to wear and gorgeous to look at:

1. GUESS Girl: 

GUESS Girl is proudly feminine, and its design is playfully pink. The fragrance is presented in a soft pink folding box bedecked with a printed fuchsia ribbon that lyrically wraps around the package and forms the letter “G.” Open this gift to discover a shapely glass flacon that embodies its curvy muse. The fragrance makes an entrance with a burst of sweet promise: innocent Raspberry Nectar, coy Melon, and intriguing Bergamot Mist. The flirtation continues with a tease of rare Brazilian Paradise Orchid, intoxicating Acacia Flower, and alluring Lily. Finally, it ensnares you with voluptuous Vanilla and indulgent Sandalwood, leaving an impression as lasting as lipstick on a pillowcase. 3.4 fl oz./$52. Available at GUESS.com.
My thoughts: This is a gorgeous scent for the young or young at heart. It is very floral and definitely reminds me most of the warmer months of the year. Scents like this are perfect for the beginning of Spring because they remind us of what’s around the corner- warm days and the beach! I pick up most on the raspberry and orchid scents of this fragrance. I love that it’s floral without smelling like a flower shop. It’s not overwhelming, it’s just right. It’s not musky at all but still sticks. I like the vanilla and sandalwood undertones which make this scent more complex without being a musk.

2. Surprise! By Heidi Klum:

Surprise her with the ultimate romantic gift: an unexpected, exuberant fragrance. Reflecting Heidi’s multi-faceted personality, Surprise! is built around explosive, elegant notes, creating a sexy floral fragrance. It opens with a joyful burst of juicy Mandarin extracts and spicy Pink Pepper for a luminous and dynamic top note. At the heart, an ultra-feminine bouquet of Rose Petals and Magnolia creates a refined radiance. Finally, the magnetic drydown of Benzoin and Milk of Sandalwood delivers a warm, sensual and unforgettable effect. 
My thoughts: I was surprised by how much I really loved this perfume. I think it’s a very sexy scent and not all that complex. It’s very feminine and I pick up most on the floral parts of the fragrance and the pink pepper. I think this is a really soft and sensual fragrance that would be perfect for any woman! If you are looking for a good fragrance to gift to somebody, this would be a good choice. Anything that’s not overly floral or too complex is usually a safe bet when buying perfume for another person! It really reminds me of Heidi Klum too, as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. The scent reminds me of a lot of the scents they carry in that store. Plus, Heidi Klum is always put together whenever you see her in the media, never a hot mess. This perfume smells sexy, put together, and very feminine.

3. Lady Gaga Fame:

From the HAUS LABORATORIES in Paris. The first ever black Eau de Parfum compounded by Lady Gaga. It’s black like the soul of fame, but invisible once airborne.
Fragrance notes:
Dark facet- Incense, Belladonna.
Sensual facet- Apricot, Honey.
Feminine facet- Jasmine Samac, Tiger Orchidea.

My thoughts: This is my new signature scent, that is how much I love it! It’s hard to describe the scent because it is kind of complex. Sometimes, when I’m reviewing fragrances I read other peoples’ reviews on Amazon or Macy’s websites just to get the exact wording in my head for when I try to explain it on my blog. It seems people either love this or hate this. Someone who didn’t care for it dubbed it “fume” instead of “fame” and others say they loved it so much they went “gaga.” When I first sprayed this into the air, I didn’t care for it so much, but I love the way it reacts with my body chemistry. What I pick up on most from this scent is the jasmine, orchid, and apricot. When first spritzed, it smells a little fruitier and then when it dries down I smell some of the more sensual aspects. It’s definitely worth testing out for yourself if you make it to the mall. I also love the bottle, and how it’s shaped like a grenade. It’s also kind of magical because it’s black in the bottle and sprays out clear. My husband loves the way this smells and also really likes the bottle.

4. Unbreakable LOVE:
The newly created perfume (as of February 2013) is described as a lively and sensual fragrance vortex for women and men. Its top notes include delicate exotic neroli and citrus freshness of bergamot, associated with floral heart and deep notes of cedar and musk. Its middle notes include Lily-of-the-Valley, tonka bean and cardamom. Its base notes include cedar and musk.
My thoughts: This is my first experience with a Kardashian fragrance. I really like how this is supposed to be for men AND women. My only other experience with a fragrance like that was CK One which I actually like quite a bit. I remember seeing a tv segment once where Khloe was talking to the perfume people in the lab about how to make successful fragrances marketed towards men and women at the same time. I think this bottle is stellar, but still appeals mostly to women. I say that simply because it’s round and has a wide cap and seems to look a little flamboyant in terms of what I can picture a guy having on his counter. It’s very fresh with my body chemistry and I don’t smell the musk at all. I can smell citrus and cedar as the main notes. It’s not my favorite, but it is quite fresh, and it reminds me of Bliss’s fragrance that came out a few years ago. If you have that, this fragrance is probably not a must have for your collection. I know people that swear by this fragrance though and love it a lot so it’s worth checking out if you like fresh and unisex scents. Hey…the best part is when you pack for a trip with your man, you only need to pack one perfume between the two of you! Now that Khloe and and Lamar have come out with a few scents, and Kim has come out with several, I wonder when Kourtney will have a fragrance for us to check out? 

5. Tocca Liliana:
A lush, green, rolling lawn is the setting for a roaring 20s party in full swing. Liliana conjures a reveler in the bloom of youth dancing the Charleston amidst flowing bottles of champagne and a spirited jazz band. The lowering sun casts a golden sparkle as an intoxicating bouquet of muguet, gardenia and peony wafts from the gardens, filling the night with joie de vivre.
Top Notes: Italian Bergamot, Neroli, Watery Peach
Middle Notes: Muguet, Gardenia, White Peony
Bottom Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Benzoin, Patchouli

My thoughts: Tocca has the best fragrances if you’re into complex fragrances that are going to last all day. I really love this fragrance, and that’s no exception because I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Tocca. My personal favorite from their collection is “Stella” but this is certainly on par with that. What I pick up on most is the watery peach, peony, and musk. This is a really juicy fragrance that has a lot of scents going on but they are all really beautiful when they come together. I really feel like a sophisticated woman when I wear Tocca. Also, check out the description above from their site. Isn’t that just a beautiful way to describe a fragrance? I love that all of their scents have beautiful descriptions of the type of woman from a bygone era this was meant for. A description from their website suits the scents perfectly:

Our perfumers develop scents that are reminiscent of bygone times and familiar places yet infused with the unexpected, creating something altogether fresh and new.

This is so true of their fragrance line, because each one seems to evoke a certain memory or thought from my past, but smell fresh and wonderful and very “right now” all at the same time. I highly recommend checking out Tocca next time you hit Sephora. Their fragrances are also available on their website, www.tocca.com and in select stores.

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6. Fergie Viva

Avon launches the third fragrance by the famous pop star Fergie, named Viva by Fergie, in the spring of 2012. The new fragrance is advertised as fearless and daring with the slogan “Live by Your Own Rules.” The composition is fresh and floral, blended out of cooling herbs, fierce lavender and intriguing vetiver. “Viva is a fresh and unexpected fragrance that brings out the duality of a woman. Powerful, yet seductive, and living life by her own rules,” described Fergie. The fragrance opens with green notes and continues to the combination of mint, lavender, spices and flowers, and ends up with the woody base of vetiver.

My thoughts: Before even reading the description, I wore this and the first two words that came to mind were “fresh” and “fierce.” This is a light fragrance that is absolutely perfect for every day. I don’t pick up on the mint as much, but I smell mostly lavender and flowers. This would be the perfect summer scent in my opinion- light, cool, and fresh. The scent is on par with Bvlgari Blv II which is my all time favorite scent and what I wore to my wedding. It didn’t last a super long time on me, and faded after a couple hours, but it was a great enough scent that I didn’t mind refreshing it! This perfume is Mike approved.

Want a chance to win one of these fragrances for yourself? I’m currently running a giveaway and a couple of the prizes include a Surprise by Heidi Klum and a Guess Girl perfume. Enter for your chance to win! Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions.
xo, Justina

*These fragrances were provided as a sample but that does not change my honest opinion. 

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