5 Tips for Moving Toward a Natural Lifestyle

Since having kids, I’ve been a little more concerned with leading a more natural lifestyle. I don’t think I’ll ever go ALL organic but I have started to wonder about the long term effects of cleaning with harsh chemicals, wearing perfume, and other things in recent years. I have started to incorporate a few changes into my lifestyle that are easy and not overwhelming to me to make, and have made me feel better about my health. I thought I’d share five tips for moving towards a more natural lifestyle today. I hope you share your tips with me in the comments!

5 Tips for Moving Toward a Natural Lifestyle1) Eat real food. This one is probably the easiest for me because I’m a total foodie and I’ve always leaned towards organic, natural, healthy foods by choice. It’s not exactly rocket science that real, whole foods are much better for you than processed garbage. I’m not perfect, and I’m currently pregnant and craving junk food fairly regularly, but whenever possible I like to make positive food choices. For me it can be the difference between buying a bag of frozen french fries with 50 “ingredients” or choosing to simply chop up my own potatoes with oil and spices for dinner. I skip a lot of preservatives and weird filler ingredients when I stick with healthier and real food choices.

2) Switch to natural cleaning products. This one was also super easy for me because chemical cleaners often make me sneeze. Before I started caring about natural living, I was already using Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. I’m obsessed with their Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner and their Dish Soap. The Basil scent is my favorite. I think I discovered this probably ten years ago and I’ve always had it on hand. Now that I have kids crawling around and getting into things, it’s extra important to me that I use something that doesn’t have bleach and ammonia and other gross and powerful ingredients that can get onto little hands and into little mouths. In the last year or so, I’ve also discovered essential oils for cleaning. A friend of mine blended some Young Living mixes for cleaning and they smelled SO GOOD and worked really well. I don’t always make time to mix my own cleaning solution, but there are some great essential oil recipes on Pinterest if you are thrifty and love to DIY!

3) Reach for essential oils over medicine. They’re not just good for cleaning, they can be good for your health too! When my little one was four months old and started teething, I became very interested in essential oils after learning that Thieves oil (when diluted) was effective at numbing her mouth and keeping her comfortable. Since then, I’ve discovered many different essential oil combinations that have worked well for me in different situations. Digize oil is one we have used a lot during stomach flu season, Valor we use at night, and Lavender and Orange have been a winning combo for me recently for my heart.

4) Check out natural beauty products. There are actually a LOT of really nice natural and organic brands out there. I’m positive that I’ll never fully “make the switch” and do all natural beauty, but I do have some favorite brands and products that are natural or more natural than other mainstream brands. One thing that’s been easy for me to do is wear natural fragrance. In my mind this was going to be a big hurdle to cross, but it really hasn’t been. I still wear some of my favorite department store brands from time to time, but on a more daily basis I am reaching for my Kahina Giving Beauty FEZ Perfume Oil, YUNI Body Balance Aroma Concentrate, and some other favorites. I don’t paint my nails that often, but when I do I will reach for something like one of Cote’s formulas which contain no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, parabens, gluten, etc. They are still a luxury and quality formula, but just skip a lot of the yucky stuff that most nail polish has. I also wear natural deodorant these days and it actually works WAY better than the standard stuff I was using before, especially when I am working out! Finding your happy place with natural beauty is a good plan. There is no need to switch completely, especially if you have products you love already that aren’t all natural. 

5) Don’t worry about perfection. In this day and age we have a lot of MLM companies and magazine articles pushing that such and such essential oils, shakes, meal plans, lifestyle choices, etc. will cause cancer and that you should jump on their bandwagon. I really don’t buy into that. There is a lot of misinformation out there and I try to do the best I can to pick and choose what lifestyle choices will work the best for me and my family. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t know that any one product or one choice will definitely cause you to be sick. Once you get reading about the organic lifestyle, it’s easy to get anxious about whether or not the spices you sprinkle on your food are organic enough, whether your favorite perfume is poisoning your bloodstream, and whether cleaning your windows with whatever stuff you use is going to lead to cancer. I am finding that the best way to change your lifestyle is to make small changes over time. 


Do you live a natural lifestyle? I’d love to know what some of your favorite tips are! 

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  1. 5.28.16
    Dorothy said:

    Nail polish is the on “make-up” I wear everyday, on all 20 nails, so I like to go natural a good bit of the time. Zoya and Pacifica are my 2favorite brands. Zoya has every color I could possible want and makes up the majority of my 150 bottles.

    • 5.28.16
      justina said:

      Whoa, that’s quite the collection! I like Zoya, I’ve tried a few of their shades before.