3 Tips for Wearing Orange Lipstick

I’m normally a neutrals girl but every so often nothing pleases me more than wearing a bright, punchy lip. When the mood strikes, you know? The reason I don’t do a bright lip often is that it takes effort to pull off well. Orange in particular can be tricky to wear, but SO fun and pretty. I thought I would share with you three tips that I’ve learned over the years that really helps me pull off brights, namely orange just as flawlessly as I would a neutral shade. 

3 Tips for Wearing Orange Lipstick1) If you’re new to brights, start with the sheer version. I love wearing a bright red, a hot pink, or a flaming orange. But if you barely wear makeup as it is, a loud shade can seem daunting to wear. Try easing into it with a lighter version of orange by using balm version, like the Artist Lip Balm in Sensual Coral by Make Up For Ever.

2) Wear a matte formula. Matte tends to be more long-wearing than glossy and you don’t want to be looking in the mirror every five minutes to see if your shade is slipping outside of your lip lines. I gain the confidence to wear super bright shades when I know they’re not going to migrate! A recent favorite is Artist Lip Blush in Flammable Tangerine. 

(3) Prep the rest of your makeup to match. If I know I’m going to be wearing bright orange, I will make an effort to match the rest of my makeup to that! I might wear an orange or coral blush (try Tigerlily, one of my favorites!) and go minimal on my eye makeup depending on what kind of look I’m going for. I happen to LOVE the way a smoky eye looks with bright orange lipstick too. There are no true rules in makeup, so do what makes you happy!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Fever: Explosive Orange Lip CollectionSensual Coral, Flammable Tangerine, and Pumpkin

If I had to come up with a tip 4, it would be to make sure your teeth are looking pretty white if you’re going to wear a bright orange. Orange tends to bring out the yellow in teeth when we smile if they’re pretty stained from coffee!

MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Fever- Explosive Orange Lip CollectionOrange can be so much fun to wear! If you are looking at a new orange lipstick, check out the Make Up For Ever Lip Fever: Explosive Orange Lip Collection. All three shades are swatched in my picture above and I’m really enjoying them! 

Do you go bright very often? What’s your favorite orange?

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  1. 6.23.16
    Jessica said:

    Wow! Looks great on you. What shade are you wearing in the picture?

    • 6.23.16
      Justina said:

      Thank you! And Flammable Tangerine!

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