3 Limited Edition Holiday Makeup Items You NEED from Tarte 2017


When Fall and Holiday releases come out, I am always so pumped to see what is out from my favorite brands that I can’t wait to get my hands on. My attitude towards new releases is different from previous years where I can’t wait to grab a limited edition eyeshadow palette or something in gorgeous sparkling packaging. I would rather stock up on some basics in bulk that I know I’ll use regularly: makeup brushes, eyeliners, and maybe just one gorgeous limited edition item like a highlighter! Today I have three of the items I’m most excited about that Tarte has come out with for the holidays! 

Let’s start with that gorgeous highlighter I can’t stop staring at. The Goddess Glow highlighter is a gorgeous champagne gold shade and looks extra special with the beautiful lattice press on top inspired by Moroccan mosaics. I wasn’t sure this formula would wow me and it would need to be a must have but I’ve been really impressed with it. You can wear this naturally or build it up to be a very strong strobe highlight. Rarely would I choose to be wearing that heavy of a highlight, but to me, wearing it this way looks amazing with matte finish foundation! The finish of the glimmer isn’t as finely milled as I would typically reach for, but I actually love the way it glows. There is a bit of noticeable glimmer that is done in a way that is really flattering. It’s so pretty!


Next up, the Tarteist Clay Paint Liner set. When Tarte first launched their Clay Paint Liner a couple years ago, I remember skipping over it because it looked like a pain to use. Each of these little squeezy bottles holds the liner in the tube and you have to squeeze it out the hole at the top and paint in on like a brush. Sounds like a pain, right? Turns out, they are actually a little trick to get used to using, but it’s like riding a bike. Once you get good at it, it’s easy and you have no issues applying it again. I’m actually completely in love with these. They take slightly longer to apply then when I wear liquid liner, but they are incredibly long wearing and will even last me through a sweaty workout!

This set includes four liners in Mulberry, Champagne, Black, and Copper as well as a double-ended eyeliner brush. The brush has a slanted tip and a pointy tip and I’ve found that the pointy side makes it easiest for me to apply these. I like to create a mini wing with these and it’s super simple to apply. The gel liners go on very creamy and dry down quickly to be waterproof and smear proof. The only issue I have with the set isn’t much of an issue, but you may not get as much use out of the lighter metallic shades. I personally love them but I’m more likely to line with a darker shade that is more defining to my eyes. 

Goddess Glow highlighter and the Tarteist Clay Paint liners

Lastly, I’m absolutely loving the Artful Accessories Brush set. Holiday gift sets are definitely the best time to stock up on things like brush sets. Tarte nails it with quality here and the brushes themselves are just stunningly gorgeous! In this set you are getting five vegan, cruelty-free brushes and a cute little brush holder. The designs on the brushes are inspired by bright textiles and global travel, similar to the packaging on the highlighter. Here you have a cheek brush, complexion brush, highlighter brush, shading eyeshadow brush, and blending eyeshadow brush. Often, I will see brush sets out there and of the five brushes, I would get use out of maybe two of them if that. On a daily basis, I would use each of these brushes, so this is really a great value! 

Overall, Tarte really nailed it with these holiday gifts. I’m loving all of them and have been using them nonstop since I first tried them. 

Is anything catching your eye? Which of these is a must have on your holiday wish list?

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