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I wear less and less fragrance as I get older. I used to love to have tons of options to choose from, but these days I prefer to pick from just a few that I keep on a tray on my jewelry stand. I have mostly natural and organic options that I am enjoying, with the occasional mix of something else in there. A few months ago I outlined some of my favorite natural perfumes and today I have three light fragrances I want to introduce you to. The fragrances from my previous post are still on heavy rotation, but I did add these three to my collection somewhat recently so I wanted to share! 

3 light fragrances- Malin + Goetz Citron Vert, By Rosie Jane Tilly, Hollybeth Organics FlouishMalin + Goetz Citron Vert: This brand uses a lot of natural ingredients in their formulas and they are great for people with skin sensitivities and fragrance allergies. A bottle of their amazing fragrances might be a splurge for most ($150 for 3.4 oz) but with that size of bottle you’ll own it forever, which is a good thing because you’ll love it! Citron Vert is a unisex fragrance but I think it’s fresh and the blend of notes comes across as more girly to me. A small selection of Malin + Goetz fragrances come in mini rollerballs but I wish they all did so I could buy more. I can’t fathom having the size of perfume collection I once had, especially if it was comprised of 3.4 oz bottles!

Top notes of lime, grapefruit, and bergamot; middle notes of basil, jasmine, rhubarb and petitgrain; dry down of orris, amber woods, white cedar and skin musk.

Holly Beth Organics Flourish: This is a super light fragrance comprised of a stress relieving blend of organic essential oils. The scent is mix of earthy and citrus that’s barely detectable to others but when I need to take a deep breath and relax, I can breathe in the scent on my wrist and it’ll still be there. I have come to love fragrances that are just for me and especially ones made from essential oils that have health benefits! This particular blend is meant to encourage a lively, optimistic, and grounded outlook. 

Top notes of earthy cedarwood as well as crisp bergamot deliver a sunny introduction. Enchanting rose geranium in addition to the woody warmth of sweet marjoram and fresh chamomile dance as heart notes. Furthermore, heady ylang ylang anchors as a seductive base note.

By Rosie Jane Tilly: This is probably my favorite perfume of the moment. It’s reminiscent of summer days but warm and cozy at the same time so it’s transitioned well into fall. I have the fragrance oil of this and despite wearing it most of the days of the week for a couple months I’ve barely made a dent in it! I am sure at some point this will be a repurchase for me. It’s just so good. Sephora just started carrying this brand- woot!!

Notes of grapefruit, coconut, tropical gardenia, and a hint of pineapple. 

All of these scents are light and fresh and perfect for me since I don’t like a strong fragrance! Have you heard of any of these? Do any of them appeal to you?

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  1. 10.7.16

    I totally understand you! Last 3-4 years I prefer light fragrances, because the strong one kinda messes with my stomach (my stomach is very sensitive).The By Rosie Jane Tilly sounds amazing! 🙂

  2. 10.9.16

    All these brands are new to me, so thanks for the introduction.

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