My 28th Birthday


my birthdayI turned 28 on Sunday and thought I’d share some highlights of my day! I had a fantastic day and my mom and brother came out to Milwaukee to share the “holiday” with me, Mike, and Jocelyn. They stayed a few nights and helped us unpack our apartment which was a HUGE undertaking, but now it’s done. This is Mike and my SIXTH move since we’ve been together, and we are SO over it. We are ready to settle down in Southern Wisconsin now and figure out what type of home we would like to buy, and start saving. That’s the next step!

birthday makeup.jpgI’ve been eagerly working on product reviews over the last few weeks and have a lot of great products I’m photographing and testing out right now. Here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ve been working with. I’ll link all the products down below if you want to take a peek! It’s always a risk to test something on an important day when you want to look good, and on a humid day too! My makeup actually held up really well despite me sweating profusely all day.zoo fun.jpgWe went to the Milwaukee zoo in the morning. It was SO fun! I haven’t been there since the early 90s so it was a fun flashback. I couldn’t remember if it was really that great or if my 8 year old self was just thinking it was really fun because everything is cool at that age. It was actually as awesome as I remembered it! My daughter LOVES animals so it was a total hoot watching her watch the animals. She pointed at the monkey exhibit and said as clear as day “monkey!” when we first got there, which was astonishing because we don’t really have any books with monkeys and don’t call her one. I was taken aback by how smart she was to just know that! I guess she might have gotten it from Curious George but she doesn’t watch that very often and hasn’t seen it in months so it was really cool.

I thought it was neat that the monkeys they had there have been there for something like 33 years. Monkeys mate for life but when their mate dies or if they change zoos they can have another mate. It was really cool to think that one of the monkeys in their cages was there when I was a kid and coming to the zoo. Cool but also a bit sad because who knows what it is like to be raised in a zoo. Maybe not very fun for the monkeys!birthday fun 3.jpgLater that day we went to the Sprecher brewery. It was really a cool experience and I learned a lot. I was hoping they had good root beer since I obviously can’t drink, and I was not disappointed. A tour of the brewery came with a wristband that got you four different beer samples of your choice and you could have unlimited pop samples. I had a few pops- Orange Dream was my absolutely favorite, a cream soda.

I learned that the Sprecher brewery uses raw local honey from a nearby farm in their products rather than the yucky syrups that many competitors use. I also learned that they use Glendale city tap water, which is one of the best tap waters in the nation! My husband was telling me that years ago sewage got into the lake and people died from drinking the water so now they have a highly sophisticated water system and you don’t even need a filter. I find all of this geeky stuff fascinating. I think Sprecher tastes fantastic. I got a four pack of the Orange Dream and can’t wait to pick up some vanilla ice cream at Kopps to make some floats!

All in all it was a great day and I felt so blessed to spend it with family and unpacking our place. We are finally living in Wisconsin, and we finally feel settled and unpacked. What a great way to spend my day!

What was my birthday makeup? Click some of my (affiliate) links to check out what I wore. Reviews to come on many of these items soon!

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  1. 6.3.14
    Lissa Cole said:

    I love going to the zoo! It’s been about a year since I went to on last. Btw you’re prego belly is adorable!

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