How we save $300 a month | Money saving tips | How to get out of debt | My husband and I have been really digging into our finances lately. We’re taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class locally. I’ve read his books before, and followed some of his principals before, and I know what to do to be better with money, it’s just actually making the change, you know?

I stay home with our three young kids so money is a precious commodity. My husband is the breadwinner and I do make some cash with other creative pursuits, but nothing else that we have coming in is a steady income. The money that I make is bonus money. On a daily basis, we need to be making smart decisions with our paychecks so that we can not only get by, but hopefully thrive financially. Like most people I know, I’m not trying to be a millionaire here but I would like to live comfortably knowing that if one of our cars breaks down, we have a medical bill, or something unexpected happens, we will not be ruined financially. 

Because I am at home, I organize where most of our money goes on a daily basis: bills, groceries, odds and ends for the kids…

And Starbucks.

Did you know that the average American spends $3 on coffee each day? That’s $1,100 per year. If you have two coffee drinkers, that’s $2,200 on average- maybe more! If your household has two drive thru-addicted coffee drinkers like mine does, you’re looking at around $300/month!

What are some things you could do with an extra $300 a month?

Get out of debt.

Take your family of 5 on a yearly trip to Disney World.

Buy a new vehicle on a 5 year loan.

Save it in an emergency fund! In one year you will have over $3,000 saved, and in three years you’ll have over $10,000!

Contribute to your future retirement.

Set it aside for your kids’ future and watch it grow.

The first step to a better financial future is recognizing the need to make a change. I haven’t (and won’t!) give up coffee but I can certainly give up the drive-thru variety. I’ve been coming up with some favorite blends of iced coffee that cost MUCH less and taste MUCH better. I’m losing weight. I’m not so stressed about money. I’m planning our next family vacation. I feel so responsible! #adulting

So, that mid-afternoon pick me up when my kids are fussy and I just need that extra boost of caffeine while they take a car nap? It’s not worth my retirement for me. Or the chance to send my kids to college.

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