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I’ve been quieter than usual on my blog recently due to our recent move. We have been here for a little more than two weeks and we are finally starting to make this place our own. Making a house a home is no small challenge, especially as you start to realize a lot of the decor you bought for your previous home doesn’t fit with the aesthetic of the new one. 

One thing I knew I really wanted to incorporate into our decor was a collage wall. I made one at our previous home and really liked the way it looked and I wanted to do something similar here. We have had professional pictures taken lots of times of our family and the girls and I don’t want them to only exist digitally. I love to print them out and make albums, prints for our wall, and gifts for family members. I even did a fairy themed photo shoot last summer with the girls and they are some of my favorite pictures ever of my children so I blew them up into canvases. I loved the idea of putting lots of family pictures and other fresh and fun things together like planters and a map of the night sky that means a lot to me.

We’ve had a lot of expenses since moving into our new home like laying sod, buying curtains, etc. so I really wanted to stick with mostly decor that I already had. I also know that as we get more pictures taken and I unpack more boxes I’ll probably find more things I want to add to the mix. Keeping it simple and mostly neutral was important to me since it’s in a wide open space with lots of competing colors. 

I laid out the pattern of frames and items I wanted to use on the floor and determined what would go where before hanging everything on the wall. I also measured out the exact center of the wall as a starting point for putting the middle objects and frames up. I like that I have room on both sides to add on over time. 

In case you’re curious where I got all my stuff, I buy almost everything with coupons! I got this personalized map of the night sky online and personalized it to say “The Night Our Family Became Complete” and it has my youngest daughter’s birthday and a real map of the night sky above the hospital she was born at. It’s so special to me and I cherish it so much. I could (and have been meaning to) write a whole post on it. I framed it with a frame from Hobby Lobby

The canvases I have are both from Canvas on Demand who I discovered through Groupon. They always have fantastic coupon deals and I’ve bought many. I find them super high in quality and I love them. I’m a little behind and still need to buy a big canvas of Valerie’s cute face so I’m glad my gallery wall has room for expansion. 

My planters are from Hobby Lobby and I got them half off today. I buy my fake plants at a boutique in town that I love. They’re the only thing on my wall I paid full price for!

I love getting a good deal and that’s why I love Groupon. I’ve used them in the past to find a hair stylist and to find new places to dine, but they recently came out with my favorite feature called “Groupon Coupons.” They have partnered with more than 9,000 national retailers and the site is a completely free way for consumers to get exclusive discount promo codes and coupons for these major places. I love that I can type any shopping destination into the app or website and I can see everything they have on sale right now. It’s a great way to keep track of where the deals are at and best yet, it’s an app I already use all the time so I don’t even have to learn a new interface or remember the name of a new coupon dealer. 

I love for affordable my collage wall was with a little help from Groupon! I can’t wait to add on to it. What’s your favorite thing to decorate with? I would love to know what others are using to spruce up their homes! 

Check out Groupon Coupons HERE.

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