I’ve had so many issues with dandruff in the past and none of the solutions I come across make me happy. To be honest, the best dandruff solution I’ve found in the past is Head & Shoulders. And while I’m happy with the way it makes my hair look and feel (and that it’s color safe!) I love some of my other high end shampoos and conditioners too much to commit to using H&S year round. Really, dandruff is only a problem for me during a season change when my scalp needs some help!

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I have been using Aveda products a lot recently and they came out with the Pramasana line that specially targets a balanced scalp. The Purifying Scalp Cleanser is something I’ve been applying to my scalp before every shower. The nozzle reminds me of one you would see at a salon when they apply your hair color. I love it because it doesn’t make a mess. I massage it in with my fingertips and that’s really all I have to do! This step of my haircare routine cleanses and purifies the scalp which helps to balance the sebum levels. I especially love that this is done with botanical blends and better for you ingredients. 

After my shower, the next step is the Protective Scalp Concentrate. This product comes in a dropper bottle and is a leave in treatment. I apply this all over the place as well and I never notice it again. I love that because I’m really leery of applying something directly to my scalp considering I only wash my hair a couple times a week- I don’t like product buildup! This helps to protect the scalp’s natural protective barrier. I’ll admit- not something I really thought about needing protection, but I can notice a huge difference when I skip using this now so it must really be working! 
What I love most about these is that they are compatible with any shampoo and conditioner that I decide to use. They will last me forever because I’m only using a couple drops a couple times a week. I’m totally sold on how effective this pair has been at keeping my dandruff at bay. Yay for protecting my scalp!
Do you have any solutions for your dandruff, on the natural side or otherwise? I’d love to hear them in the comments below. 

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