If you have been following my Instagram stories, I just got my hands on the new Love for Lacquer collaboration with Ittse! It’s called The Glambition Collection and it’s an amazing blush and highlighter palette. I can’t wait to share it with you today! 

Every year on my birthday I like to treat myself to a little makeup purchase. I was just at our mall a few days ago to pick out something for myself and nothing really spoke to me. I was kind of disappointed because I really wanted something new! Fast forward to moving day and I got The Glambition Collection in the mail. I ended up wearing it because I’m crazy like that and decided to wear makeup on moving day. It was my birthday and I wanted to feel pretty even though I was sweating and doing hard work! I am completely blown away by the quality of the formula. I wore this collection as eyeshadow, blush and highlighter and I’m not even joking that after 12 hours, my makeup was still perfect. 

The collection consists of a gorgeous coral cheek color, two universal illuminating powders and a multi-tasking all over glow power. I’m completely obsessed with all the shades. Girl Boss is my favorite and it’s super shimmery and amazing without being chunky. 

You can pick up all four of these shades: #GIRLBOSS, Run the World, Hustle & Glow, and Goal Digger for $35 on Ittse’s website. If you order that way you will be getting the huge pans of product in plastic packaging. I recommend ordering it with a palette for an extra $15. I have the Anemone one and I love it. The shade names are printed on the back and they magnet right into the case beautifully. There’s also a plastic guard on the top so the color doesn’t get everywhere!

If you don’t know Jess and her blog, she is a total #GIRLBOSS and here’s a note from her on her inspiration for the collection:

“This collection represents all of the powerful and strong women who are building empires, chasing dreams (in high heels of course) and who rise, shine and hustle. Through every failure, you will always have a reason to get back up. Dream big, work hard, stay focused & make it happen.”

I’m so inspired by everything Jess has been able to achieve through blogging. I love the idea of supporting other women trying to achieve their dreams. I am so happy for her that she chose Ittse for the collab- they are a great brand and their prices are amazing for the quality.

Pick up The Glambition Collection now, and use code LFL20 for 20% off!

Have you heard of this collab? Are you planning to pick it up? What do you think?

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