Counterclockwise from the top- 19 Ultramarine, 12 Copper, 13 Ivory, 27 Gunmetal, 28 Anthracite Black, 05 Frozen Purple

I’m always looking for a fun new makeup launch lately but SO much of what is out right now seems like so much of the same old stuff in fun packaging. I really try not to buy or review things that don’t seem different from things I already own, so I was super thrilled to get my hands on these Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powders. These are not just loose pigmented eyeshadow! These powders are ultra-fine and they shimmer and they come in so many colors! 

Mother of Pearl is used to catch light and shine with these and they can be applied wet or dry. There are eight shades in the range, of which I have six. I’m finding the lighter shades perfect for eyes, and inner corner highlighting, and highlighting the tops of my cheeks. So gorgeous! The more intense and darker shades are great for layering over cream eyeshadow to give them more dimension and a slightly different look. I swatched them under bright lighting and dim lighting below and you can see how they really shine, especially under dim light! 

Counterclockwise from the top: 28, 19, 12, 13, 27, 05

The shade I love the most as an ethereal inner corner highlight is the 05- Frozen Purple. It’s layered pretty well as a swatch but you can see how there is a slight shift of purple in dim lighting. I wouldn’t wear it so opaque as an inner corner highlight but it’s so pretty when you wear just a touch there. My other favorite shade is copper. It’s so vibrant and rich and the glimmer under dim lighting is magnificent when you wear it over your lid.

Frozen Purple on inner corner

I’m loving Make Up For Ever’s recent launches. They have a fabulous matte lipstick as well as reformulating the cream eyeshadows I’ve always been obsessed with into a tube. I can’t wait to share more launches with you soon!

Would you buy one of these Star Lit Powders? Which is your favorite and how would you use it?



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