What’s the most flattering neutral lip shade?

I like to have lots of fun lip shades on hand to suit my every mood. But which shade is the most flattering? I am always drawn to a my lips but better shade. Something that has nude/brown/mauve/rose tones is always going to catch my eye and most of the time if I am doing my makeup on autopilot, I end up with a shade in that range.

When I see a makeup line release a whole line of neutral inspired shades I immediately know I have to see them in person so I can find one that flatters me well. And I know I’m going to end up falling in love with at least a few shades because nude is how I roll. Bite Beauty’s The Lip Pencil launch happened a few months ago but I am loving how timeless these shades are. No matter what is on trend for makeup, I’ll always reach for a flattering neutral and the lip-tone inspired shades they’ve come out with are truly beautiful!

Bite Beauty is one of my favorite brands and these lip liners have been one of my favorite releases of theirs. Where most long wearing lip shades are drying, these are super creamy on my lips and also have a barely there, lightweight texture. The packaging is an artisanal wood barrel that encapsulates whipped shea butter and three times the amount of pigments as their normal formula. These are also sharpened for a super sharp tip so you can get the best and most precise line. The coverage is opaque and there are many shades to choose from!

I have a cool skin tone so I’ve found that it can be sometimes hard to pull off warmer tones. Nude shades are really tough to choose online because if they are too light on me it can cause my lips to look blanked out, if they’re too warm they can make my lips look orange, and if they’re too dark sometimes I look sick or jaundiced. It’s kind of funny how if you find the right neutral it can be super flattering and gorgeous, but the wrong one can be SO BAD! 

There is something for everyone in The Lip Pencil range and I found five shades (even a warm!) that suit me really well. At the moment I am really digging 016 Dusty Rose but they all flatter me and I’ve reached for them each equally. 

002 Nude Pink; 018 Warm Nude; 010 Rosey Mauve; 016 Dusty Rose; 026 Deep Dusty Rose

A few tips for finding your own perfect neutral:

  1. When looking up reviews of beauty products, look for a review and swatches from someone with a similar under tone in their skin.
  2. Look up a dupe on Temptalia’s website. She has a really great resource for checking swatches side by side. You may even talk yourself out of a new purchase if something you have already is similar.
  3. Try it on in store. Sometimes the only way to know how something will look is to give it a try. At times I’ve thought I was going to hit a home run with a product and it was more opaque or sheer than I thought it would be and it was a total miss. The best way to know is to try it!

What’s your most flattering neutral shade? I’d love to read about it in the comments below!

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