I’ve been testing out some new cosmetics brands lately, and was pleasantly surprised by the release of the ChickSticks from Flirt Cosmetics. This brand has come out with some exciting items recently (you may have seen the false lash applicator floating around online) and now there are lipsticks. Amber Rose is the celebrity behind the brand. True to her nature, this brand gives off very badass vibes between the packaging and the product, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

chicksticks-lipsticks-amber-roseThis is the ChickSticks Lip Duo Kit. You are getting two, vibrant, bold, lively shades in this set- Pauly and Franky. These are the names of two of her pugs! Cute right? I don’t think this set is for everybody because of the color offering, but if you like to play with makeup and have a fun side I think you’re really going to love these. The formula is amazing. These don’t slip or slide around on my lips but they’re ultra moisturizing. They start out kind of glossy but end up as a demi-matte over time. They are somewhat long wearing and will eventually end up as a stain on the lips as the color is fading.

chicksticks-paulyis-lipstickPauly is a cool pink shade that I really like! To me it’s a barbie doll pink and so pretty, as well as flattering. It makes my teeth look whiter!

chicksticks-lipstick-frankyFranky is a deep, vampy plum shade. I surprised myself with how much I liked this since it’s totally out of the box from what I would usually wear. I don’t normally go this dark but now I really want to more often because it’s so pretty! I think it looks really nice with a coppery golden eye shadow.


I’m really enjoying these! Have you seen them around or heard of the brand yet? I think they’re definitely worth a try! 

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