The cornerstone to any summertime skincare routine of mine has always been SPF. Of course when the seasons change and there is snow on the ground, I’m not exactly worried about a sunburn. To be honest, I haven’t been that diligent about applying sunscreen in the winter months in the past. I’m changing that this year!

dont-skip-this-step-in-your-winter-skincare-routineI was reading a magazine article the other day in which a dermatologist stated that the biggest mistake he sees his patients making is skipping SPF in the winter. The sun is still shining and the UVA rays (the ones that can cause skin cancer) are just as present in December as they are in June. That really scared me, so I started digging through my stash! I found three products I am going to be adding to my rotation this season. All carry an SPF of 30. 

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream: An oil-free, color-correcting, perfecting formula to create a natural glow while hydrating and protecting the skin. I’ve used this formula a lot in the past but haven’t reached for it for a couple years. I’m able to get pretty good medium coverage from this and it evens my skin tone really well. 

Lancome Beauty Balm: An ultimate multitasker that hydrates, protects, and evens skintone in just one step. I get really sheer coverage from this that leaves me wanting for more so I would wear this mixed with my regular foundation.

glominerals tinted primerA skin-perfecting, gel primer enhanced with antioxidants and vitamins. This is the tube I am starting with. I’ve been wearing it for about a week and so far, so good. It has a silky smooth texture and is tinted but has sheer coverage and it wears so beautifully with any makeup over top. 

My current foundation love is this Josie Maran one and it looks and feels amazing on my skin layered with the glominerals tinted primer. I haven’t always been great about using a primer or an SPF but I love that this is the perfect marriage between the two. For touchups throughout the day, I need to remember to get back out my Coola Makeup Setting Spray. It’s still in my diaper bag from summer when I used it religiously, and it’s awesome for SPF touchups. I can’t wait to share with you some of the other skincare products I’m using right now in an upcoming post. I have been using some really fantastic products lately. I hope I remember to keep up with SPF in the new year!

Do you use an SPF in the winter? Tell me your favorite!


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