With my oldest being four and my youngest being two months old, it’s safe to say I haven’t slept well in years. My biggest “problem area” has been looking like I got any sleep. Thankfully, I have an arsenal of beauty products to help me treat and disguise my dark circles. I want to share with you a few of my favorite products for day and night! This is a super simple routine but it’s proven to be very effective for me. 

undereye-circles-a-new-moms-guideDuring the day, I am looking to hydrate and treat my eye area as well as conceal any darkness. I always start out with an eye cream. I have used Clinique All About Eyes for years and it’s my ride or die but I am always looking to switch things up. Recently, I checked out Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream and have been pretty impressed. It’s a richer cream that’s really hydrating and absorbs quickly on my skin. I am in the stage of having fine lines but not full blown wrinkles and I’d like to keep it that way. In that sense, I can’t attest to whether this reduces wrinkles but it definitely softens the skin around my eyes and keeping things hydrated keeps my skin plump and any fine lines aren’t as noticeable. If I’m not wearing any makeup that day, I will next use the Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector. This is an SPF 30 meant for the under-eye area and has a very sheer amount of coverage. There is a bit of pigmentation but it doesn’t make a huge difference for me in terms of concealing problem areas. My main purpose for using this is to protect my eye area from UV damage. I am prone to freckling in the summer when I’m outside a lot and any freckles I get seem to bring out the darkness under my eyes. The tiny amount of coverage this has is perfect for my no-makeup days when something opaque would look silly.

I have a million and one concealers but I have two go-to formulas that I reach for almost daily for under my eyes. I have written about bareMinerals bareSkin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer lots of times since I discovered it earlier this year. This is still one of my absolute favorite concealers and it’s perfect for every day. This does a perfect job concealing and brightening under my eyes while still looking natural and blending in seamlessly with my skin. I am totally obsessed with this and recently got my winter shade of this, which is Light. On a fuller-coverage makeup day I reach for Tarte Shape Tape. This is an amazing concealer and everyone is obsessed with it, and I wish Tarte would ever restock it online or in stores! If you ever try this in store and fall in love, grab a couple of them when you check out because it’s a pain to track down. This has really opaque coverage that covers everything and also blends in beautifully with my skin. For something with such full coverage, it feels really light on my skin and doesn’t crack or crease which is honestly surprising considering how much it covers! I have the shade Light-Medium but I will be going lighter for winter if I can ever track it down again.

At night, I like to make sure to take great care of my skin and use even more skincare on my face than I would during the day. While we sleep everything is rejuvenating and I like to use concentrated ingredients like serums to help improve my skin. I’ve been using Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream under my eye cream at night and I love the difference it’s made in my skin. This has essential oils and botanicals in the formula and is creamy, unlike their oil version for face. A tiny dab is all you need. Paired with the eye cream, when I wake up, my eyes area is so soft and the skin feels firm and hydrated. Despite not getting much sleep, I don’t look terrifying without makeup either! 

I’m really enjoying these products for helping with my under eye circles. If you are a new mom, tell me what you are using! I’m always searching for great products to try. Have you used any of these concealers or creams?

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