loccitane-arlesienneOne of the holiday releases I always look forward to is from L’Occitane. They are one of my favorite stores and I love the luxury skincare and fragrance that they carry. The holidays are a perfect time to shop the brand because everything is in a gift set and you’re going to get so much more bang for your buck. One thing I was excited to see again this year was the return of the Arlésienne fragrance. It was a favorite of mine for the holidays this time last year and I wore it for months, actually until it was warm out in the Spring it was on rotation as a favorite fragrance!

I’m nursing a baby right now so I am very careful about fragrance that’s not “clean” but I’ve been really enjoying spraying this on places like my wrists that her delicate skin won’t come in contact with. I also like spraying on scarves where the scent lingers a little bit all day but isn’t sitting directly on my skin when I take it off. 

The Graceful Arlésienne Gift is a great value. You are getting $108 worth of products for $78, including: 

loccitane-arlesienne-2The Arlésienne scent is a gorgeous, soft floral. It’s not overpowering and there are different layers of notes that come out to me as a musk, as powdery, and as spicy depending on what I am picking up on. It is so lovely and feminine and is definitely a favorite of mine. If you want to see what L’Occitane’s bottle of this looked like last year, read my review.

THE FRAGRANCE A floral bouquet with a captivating trail. Within moments, a citrus burst of bergamot lights up the fragrance and refreshes the spicy saffron note. This sparkling freshness contrasts with the bold, crisp, spirited greenness of galbanum, lured by the delicious almondy scent of hawthorn. May rose slowly opens its petals over honeyed and spicy notes, carried by a wave of floral opulence. Violet leaves from Provence reveal an unexpected green and aromatic note, accompanied by powdery facets with hints of iris. Finally, white musk gives a smooth, creamy touch and envelops this floral beauty in an irresistibly feminine sensuality.

This would be such a wonderful and thoughtful gift for yourself or somebody else on your list. Will it be on your Christmas list? 


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