As I plan my holiday coverage for different brands, I want to be sure to point out that It Cosmetics has absolutely KILLER deals year round on QVC. I try to bring you most of their new releases because they are one of my favorite brands, but when you see the brand as a Today’s Special Value on QVC you straight up NEED to check out what they are offering. Some of these sets are an enormous savings and have so many excellent products in them. Before I buy something at Ulta (or at Sephora- the brand is being carried there now too!) I always check if I can get it in a QVC set bundled with other goodies for the same price. Today I want to share with you the IT’s Your Top 5 Superstars and More! 6-piece Holiday Set

it-cosmetics-its-your-top-5-superstars-and-more-6-piece-holiday-setIt Cosmetics is featuring the products that consumers have told them are the most “life changing” in this set, and here they are- plus a new brush.

  • Bye Bye Under Eye™ Concealer covers everything without creasing or cracking
  • Celebration Foundation Illumination™ gives you a flawless-looking glow in just 30 seconds
  • Brow Power™ Pencil to create your most beautiful brows
  • Superhero™ Mascara to transform your lashes
  • Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment to awaken your lips with a youthful-looking pop of color.
  • NEW Heavenly Skin™ Full-Coverage Foundation Brush does the work for you to deliver an airbrushed finish!

it-cosmetics-its-your-top-5-superstars-and-more-6-piece-holiday-set-2it-cosmetics-its-your-top-5-superstars-and-more-6-piece-holiday-set-3I’ve reviewed many of these products in the past on the blog but wanted to point out what I’m personally most excited about from this set. The Superhero mascara was an amazing find for me. I reviewed it here earlier this year. I like to have dramatic lashes on a regular basis, even when I’m not wearing much else for makeup. This is one of my favorite mascaras of life. You need to try it!

it-cosmetics-its-your-top-5-superstars-and-more-6-piece-holiday-set-4Brow Power is another favorite. This product really turned me on to filling in my eyebrows with product, and not just getting my eyebrows waxed as a means of maintenance. I never thought I looked right with my brows filled in until I tried this, and immediately I understood what the hype was on brow products. I love the universal shade of this product. It’s not too warm or too cool- somehow they got it just right for what I want in a shade. 

it-cosmetics-its-your-top-5-superstars-and-more-6-piece-holiday-set-5it-cosmetics-its-your-top-5-superstars-and-more-6-piece-holiday-set-6I don’t always use powder foundation, but when I do I’ve found that I need to have two factors in place- 1) have perfectly moisturized skin so the powder doesn’t cling to dry patches and 2) use the proper makeup brush. I own lots of It Cosmetics brushes and they are my ride or die brand- so, so good and they never let me down. I am super excited to see how much use I can get from this brush and to see how I like it best. The bristles are shaped like a rose too- how sweet!

I plan to cover some more It Cosmetics for the holidays as well- stay tuned for a post on my favorite brushes from them and how you can score them for less in holiday gift sets!

Are you going to grab this QVC deal? I would love to hear your favorite It Cosmetics products!

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