One of the best things to stock up on during the holiday makeup sales is on things you already use a bunch anyway. I am always going through cleanser, foundation, brow pencils, and beauty blenders because those are the items I use just about every day. I am loving Dermstore for my holiday shopping right now because they have so many amazing gift sets, and they are also running a 25% off coupon right now. Click here to read my holiday gift guide with some of the awesome things Dermstore is carrying right now! They have free shipping and returns also, which makes them all the more amazing! 

beauty-blender-pro-on-the-go-setOne of the gift sets that really caught my eye is the beauty blender pro-on-the-go set. I’ve always been a huge fan of the beauty blender and I have been using them constantly for a few years. I haven’t found anything I like quite as much for applying my makeup and although they do last quite a while when you take care of them, I find myself wanting to replace mine about twice a year. 

This set includes a lot of the beauty blender items that I love. Here is what the set contains:

  • beautyblender original (1 piece): helps flawlessly apply foundation, BB creams, CC creams and powders
  • beautyblender pro (1 piece): ideal for long-wear makeup, facial bronzers or self-tanners
  • beautyblender (1 piece): recommended for laser-focused contouring, highlighting or concealer application
  • blotterazzi pro (1 piece): absorbs excess oil without disturbing makeup
  • mini blendercleanser solid pro: purifies and detoxifies beautyblenders and makeup brushes.

beauty-blender-pro-on-the-go-set-2Almost everything in this set is new to me! I have tried the original version (the pink one) but I haven’t tried the pro one yet. I tried their blender cleanser years ago but I think this is a reformulation. I am also excited for the mini for contouring. The blotterazzi will be gifted to a friend since I don’t get oily enough to need to blot. 

I am so excited about this set. For $40 you are getting so much here! If you think that sounds like a huge amount of money for some beauty sponges, I urge you to buy the kit and take advance of Dermstore’s free returns if you end up not liking it. I have found the beauty blenders to be a game changer for me when it comes to doing my makeup!

Have you picked up any holiday gift sets yet? Check out some of my favorites here!


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