If you’ve been following my blog this past year you know that I have moved towards more natural looking makeup with lots of skincare benefits. I have been really excited about foundation, concealer, highlighter, and blush and keeping things looking fresh and glowy. It might seem strange to some that I have been reviewing SO MANY HIGHLIGHTERS in the past few months, but just like someone else might pick up a completely different eyeshadow palette every day, I like to wear a different highlighter several times in a week and customize my glow based upon my mood. There is no question to me that my favorite new discovery in makeup this year was the Cover FX Custom Enhancer drops (read my review), so when I found out they came out with The Perfect Light Highlighting Powder in three different shades, of course I was dying to try them!

cover-fx-the-perfect-light-highlighting-powder-review-swatchesAt first glance in their packaging, I thought these looked a little flat, but I wanted to give them a full chance to work their magic, so I started off with two other Cover FX items that were new to me. I started out with the Illuminating Primer as a base and absolutely loved the results. I often skip primer, but this one lit up my complexion on the spot as I was applying it. I definitely want a full size of this- pictured is just the mini. I mixed the Custom Infusion Drops in Radiance in with my Custom Cover Drops in N20 to brighten up my complexion and thin out the coverage of the drops to my liking. The Radiance is a dry textured oil and when mixed with the drops my foundation set quickly. It seemed to dry on contact. I haven’t pulled out the Custom Cover Drops in a long time because I kind of forgot about them, but I LOVE them. These are definitely my type of product. For someone who loves makeup, you can wear a sheer foundation one day and a full coverage the next with these. You can have a dry skin day followed by an oily skin day and you’re using all the same exact foundation for all of your needs- just changing up what you mix with it depending on what you need it to do for you. Kind of the perfect product! 

cover-fx-the-perfect-light-highlighting-powder-review-swatches-sunlight-moonlight-candlelightSo now on to these gorgeous highlighting powders! There are three shades available right now- Sunlight (soft gold glow), Moonlight (soft silvery glow), and Candlelight (shimmering golden bronze). They are described as a silky, pressed highlighting powder that’s perfect for all-over illuminating and strobing. 

Of the three shades available, the lightest two work really well for me. There’s only a subtle shade difference between the lighter of the two shades- one is warmer and one is cooler. Because of how similar the two shades are, you probably only need to grab one! The darkest shade in the range would be more suitable for deeper skin tones but I can’t attest to how well it suits deeper shades when applied because it wasn’t for me. The texture of these is creamy and the finish is very natural looking. These are not quite as soft and creamy as the Clinique Uplighting Powder that I reviewed recently, but creamy enough to be comfortable to wear and still stay firm in the pan. If you have issues with highlighters with chunky glitter or too opaque of a finish, these will be right up your alley. The glow is buildable and light reflecting shimmer is so ultra fine that you look lit from within and healthy rather than an highlight overdrive.

cover-fx-the-perfect-light-highlighting-powder-review-swatches-in-sunlight-moonlight-candlelightThe way I prefer to apply this is with this It Cosmetics brush that has the softest dual-layer bristles. I always go in with highlighter as my last step after powder, blush, and bronzer, and glide it onto the high points of my face- cheekbones, cupid’s bow, lightly on the tip of my nose, and on the inner corners of my eyes. I love how luminous this formula is and it’s very buildable, so if I want something a touch more intense I am able to achieve that type of look with this product. I usually go for a softer and lighter finish for daytime, and if I’m going out at night or going somewhere where pictures will be taken, I wear a little bit more. 

cover-fx-the-perfect-light-highlighting-powder-swatches-in-sunlight-moonlight-candlelightSunlight, Moonlight, Candlelight

cover-fx-the-perfect-light-highlighting-powder-on-faceWearing Illuminating Primer, N20 Custom Cover Drops mixed with Radiance Custom Infusion Drops, Sunlight highlighter, Tarte Sensual Blush, Moisture Matte Lipstick in Dahlia, Le Metier de Beaute eyeshadows Tarte Light Camera Lashes Mascara

I’m so glad to have discovered these! I’m definitely adding these to my rotation of highlighters I love! For more highlighter reviews check out some of these posts:

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