I’ve been feeling seriously frumpy lately for not doing anything with my hair. I love wearing it down but I feel like I need to style it if I want to do that. I’m not that creative with hairdos so wearing it down means I’m heat styling it either wavy or straight. For the longest time, I would only ever do curls on myself, and I still love curls, but I’m finding myself straightening my hair more than ever lately. The amount of junk I have to put in my hair to keep it looking good when it’s curly makes me have to wash it more often and ain’t nobody got time for that. You know me, hair product minimalist over here. I just need to get the job done quick and with minimal products because I hate washing my hair! 

what-do-you-use-to-straighten-your-hairIn a recent sale at Ulta, I bought the TIGI S Factor Flat Iron Spray. I’ve completely fallen in love with how silky and smooth it makes my hair when I’m heat styling. It has as glass-like finish when sprayed onto hair as well. I’m using this in conjunction with my CHI Onyx Euro Shine 1″ Ceramic Hair Styler and can I just say, WHOA, with the right combination of hair products and heat stylers, it really takes straight hair to another level.

As far as I know, CHI has always been the gold standard in hair stylers. Most of the time I’ve ever had my hair cut and styled, they’re using a CHI on me. I’ve always used pricey straighteners but I’ve never owned a CHI and I think I’ve really been missing out my entire adult life on the ability to have salon-quality hair in my own home. 

This particular straightener uses an ion generator and onyx ceramic plates that collectively yield 2x more ions, resulting in a smoother and shinier look. The iron plates are rounded on the tips and I’m easily able to achieve straight hair as well as flat iron waves. For those that need a super hot tool, there are temperature settings that you can mess with to achieve the exact heat you need for your style. I usually set mine at around 350-380 because my hair is thick but the max heat on this is 450 F.

straight-hairWhen I want straight hair these days, I’m reaching for my flat iron spray and my CHI Onyx Euro Shine 1″ Ceramic Hair Styler and my straight hair has never looked better or been easier to achieve. When I’m wearing it straight, I don’t usually feel the need to add hairspray or additional styling products, so these two things are it for me! This is so simple and straight hair with very little in terms of styling product lasts on me for days and days. Gotta love it!

Pick up your own CHI Onyx Euro Shine 1″ Ceramic Hair Styler at for $125.98.

Do you straighten your hair? What styling products do you use? 


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