Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Topper - Skinny DipI have been in the mood to buy makeup lately from brands I haven’t visited in a while. Brands that have been on my radar in the past are ending up back on my lust list a lot recently, as well as brands I see randomly that I don’t hear any buzz about. One brand I’ve tried and loved but not bought from in a while is Jouer. Jouer’s a lovely little french brand and I’ve really enjoyed their items in the past. I even subscribed to their subscription box a couple times to try out some new items! Lately, I have seen one of their newer products, the Long-Wear Lip Topper in Skinny Dip all over my Facebook ads, and ended up grabbing one at 20% off to try for myself!

Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Topper Skinny Dip










Let’s not reinvent the wheel here, this is basically a fancy name for a lip gloss. Skinny Dip is meant to be applied over a lipstick or liner to transform it into a more shimmering, metallic version of itself. It has a beautiful, metallic, golden nude shade with tiny bits of shimmer and applies super smoothly without being tacky or sticky at all. It uses coconut oil for hydration and works particularly well over a liquid lipstick. That’s mostly what I got it for- because I’m wearing a lot of liquid lipstick these days and on the off chance I am feeling a more shimmery lip for a day, I like that I’m able to apply this over a shade I already have and love. The biggest plus side to this is that I can wear it over a long wearing lipstick and it doesn’t seem to affect the wear time I would’ve gotten out of it, unlike a traditional gloss. 

before and after Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Topper Skinny DipI’m really digging the before and after with my favorite liquid lippie of the moment, Anastasia Soft LilacI like the gold nude of Skinny Dip, but I’m also eyeing Tan Lines, the metallic shimmering bronze sister of Skinny Dip. But alas, I probably don’t need both, so I’m going to keep my wallet closed!

Other goodies Jouer has come out recently that have been on my radar include their Long Wear Liquid Lipsticks and their new Fall Powder Highlighter that just released in three shades. I’m also remembering how I was obsessed with their Matte Moisture Tint last fall (read review) and maybe I ought to dig that out and try it again! When I purchase Jouer, I have been buying it through Dermstore, since it’s one of the only places I can buy it and they always seem to be running 20% plus free shipping. BTW, this post is not sponsored by them (I wish) but I just felt a need to call that out since I love saving a few bucks on my beauty purchases, and I’m sure you do too.

Have you been seeing Skinny Dip everywhere lately too? Do you have a favorite lip gloss?


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