I got my hands on the Rouge Bunny Rouge summer collection and although the end of the summer is on the horizon, it’s absolutely still worth sharing. If you’ve ever tried RBR before, you’ll understand that these are special products. The handful of items I have here are perfect for taking you through the school year as well. Think defined brows, luxurious lippies, and sparkling lids. 

Rouge Bunny Rouge Summer Night Symphony 2016

Loose Glitter Pigment Fire Drops in Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree is a gorgeous iridescent gold dust with a tint of mandarin orange. This is such a pretty pigment! I’ve owned several of Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Pigments in the past and my favorite way to wear them is by applying over Urban Decay Primer Potion to my lids as a sheer glimmer eyeshadow. You could also add to nail polish, use as a highlighter, etc. This comes with a tiny sponge applicator that will help you apply it. 

sleeping under a mandarin tree loose pigments fire drops

Tinted Luxe Balm Dazzling Sip is my favorite from this launch. These shades are so beautiful and sheer and easy to wear. I have all three- Sip of Pink, Pinch of Nude, and Specks of Cerise. Sip of Pink has had the most mileage from me in recent weeks, but they’re all amazing. Think of these as a high end lip balm, because that’s exactly how they feel. You can wear them alone or layered over or under a lipstick or gloss. Pinch of Nude applies clear, so you could apply that as a treatment to prep your lips for a liquid lippie. The colored shades are so gorgeous on and the packaging is on point. 

Tinted Luxe Balm, Dazzling SipThe Long Lasting Brow Liner Alchemy I have in two shades- Trona and Antimony. Trona is on the warmer side of brunette, and Antimony is on the cooler side. Eyebrows are the “alchemy” to our looks- having good symmetry with balanced eyebrows makes everyone look younger, friendlier, and happier! I know for me, eyebrows are the one thing I never skip, it just dramatically improves the way I look when I am getting ready. These eyebrow pencils have very skinny tips so you can get in there with very small hair strokes. The end result is perfectly defined brows. I love that there is an option for warm and for cool! I always choose cool for myself personally!  

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Brow LinerLastly, the Quartz Eyeliner Devotion Ink in Opalescence Essence is the eyeliner choice I have to share with you. This is a liquid eyeliner but think of it more as a liner or shadow topper. There is really no color payoff here, and as you can tell by the swatches below, it’s a clear lustre that has shine and blue glimmer. These have long staying power and the little sponge brush will get the pigmentation exactly where you want it. This such a sweet way to boost your look if you like a little shimmer! 

Quartz Eyeliner Opalescene EssenceSilhouette of Grace Brow Expert Gel is another brow product I have to show you. There are two different formulas of this- Airglow and Earthshine. Airglow is completely clear and can be used by itself or after you’ve already applied a brow product. This will give the brows definition and comb them into place. It’s also a brow conditioning gel and growth treatment in one. This really slicks back my brows and is super effective for me. Earthshine has a completely different formula. It’s a light hazelnut tinted gel with matching fibers to shape and fill in the brows. This has a lot of coverage and when I use it I don’t wear a brow pencil underneath. The fibers really thicken up the brows a lot! The only thing is that the applicator allows for less precise of an application so you have to be careful just to get your brows and not the surrounding skin. Silhouette of Grace Brow Expert

Below I’ve swatched and labeled everything I have for you! These are such great products!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Summer Night Symphony Swatches

L-R: Dazzling Sip Tinted Luxe Balm in Sip of Pink 092, Pinch of Nude 091, Specks of Cerise 093; Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment in Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree 031; Alchemy Long Lasting Brow Liner in Trona 089, Antimony 088; Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner in Opalescence Essence 035; Silhouette of Grace Brow Expert Gel 091 Airglow, 090 Earthshine

Rouge Bunny Rouge summer collection 2016

Have you ever tried the Rouge Bunny Rouge brand before? I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried from them in the past. The eyeshadows are on point too!

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