A couple weekends ago we went out of town for the day and I took the opportunity to clean out my purse and sort out what I would need for myself and the kids. I decided to snap a quick picture of the items that went back into my empty purse when it was all said and done. I am always nosey about what other people have and use so these types of posts are always super fun for me to read!

What's in my bag this summerI am pretty low key when I travel and I’m mostly worried about the kids having the things they need. It’s rare at the moment that I’ll carry a full on diaper bag with me, and instead I opt to shove a few diapers and some wipes into a bigger sized purse. The countdown to baby is on so I’m sure I won’t maintain this luxury for much longer. 

Klorane BB Eye CreamI have been using Disney Frozen Sunscreen in SPF 50 on myself and my kids this summer. It’s the cheapest stuff at Walmart right now and because it’s Frozen my kids love it. You can’t beat the ease of a spray either. We use it daily on our trips to the park. Klorane BB Eye Cream with Soothing Cornflower is a new find of mine. Having an eye de-puffing rollerball with me is a guilty pleasure (albeit random- I know!) but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The metal tip feels so good rolling on my undereye area and it freshens up and depuffs the area slightly as well. The product has a slight tint but it doesn’t provide much if any coverage for me. It’s just great when I need a little extra moisture though!

Coola Makeup Setting Spray Also for an SPF refresh for my face that doesn’t disrupt my makeup, I am loving the Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30. I don’t really like spray sunscreen on my face if I am wearing makeup because it starts to break down my makeup with all the oil in it. This spray by Coola has a lightweight, matte finish and the formula is slightly hydrating. I usually wear makeup that contains SPF but even so after about an hour and a half outside in the sun, I need an extra dose so I don’t burn. This is great for carrying in my purse!

lippies in my purseIf you open any of the side pouches of my purse, you’re bound to come out with a handful of lippies. It’s the easiest way to change up my look when I’m out and about and I’m obsessed with a few shades that have taken up practically permanent residence in my purse this summer. A handful of my favorite lipsticks are Tarte Empowered (read review), Anastasia Soft Lilac (read review), and Stila Fiore. I also have two balms with me that I love, Clinique Candied Cassis and Bite Agave Lip Mask in Champagne. Candied Cassis is one of the Sweet Pot Sugar Scrub and Lip Balms that is newer to Clinique. I really like both sides but of course when I’m carting it around, I’m mostly using the balm side. The shade is very lightly tinted but very moisturizing for me. The Bite Lip Mask has a really subtle rose gold shimmer to it and the formula is amazingly hydrating. I think this tube has been hanging out in my purse or diaper bag pretty much since I got it in the winter. You will be hard pressed to find something more hydrating for your lips! 

Evo Mesh Tech 21 case reviewI swore by the LifeProof case for my iPhones for years but I kept having to warranty replace them. They would get nibbled by teething babies and start to look junky over time. They did an excellent job keeping my phone safe, but they’re really the best if you’re looking to protect your phone around water, and my kids always pulled the plug out, making them useless against preventing water damage. Also, the case is really hard to get off and the lens stays dirty, so any pictures I was taking were turning out junky. It was time for a change. I am currently using the Evo Mesh Case from Tech 21 for my iPhone 6+ and so far I’m super impressed. I covered the screen with protective glass and between that and the case, I’ve been golden so far. I have had my phone take a few falls and so far, it’s been protected against impact. The pictures I’m taking are much cleaner looking without a bulky case over top, and perhaps my favorite part is that the case isn’t messing with my functionality and blocking the ports or side buttons. And with it being in my bag all the time, I haven’t noticed my phone getting damaged or scratched at all either. So far, I am loving this case!

I have a couple random things I keep with me as well like a purple pen and a mini mirror. I am obsessed with the color purple and I always like to have one on me and the mirror in the most recent Popsugar Must Have Box was perfectly purse sized.

Besides my (ugly) wallet that needs to be replaced, and a pack of wet wipes this pretty much sums up my current purse situation! I tend to hoard a lot of stuff in my bag but I’ve been pretty good about keeping it clean lately. Check with me in a few weeks when I have a newborn and I’m sure that will have changed!

What’s in your bag?

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  1. Amber
    July 30, 2016 at 5:15 am (1 year ago)

    I always love seeing what other people carry in their bags too!


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