If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that we took a couples trip to Las Vegas* last weekend. It was a super fun time, and while it’s still fresh in my mind I thought it appropriate to write up a few posts on our experiences while we were there. It was so tempting for me to cart my camera and a notebook around with me for the whole trip, but I really tried to force myself to choose a couple things I wanted to write about and spend the rest of our trip trying to unwind and have a good time.

The place we stayed at was called SLS Las Vegas. They have three towers, and we stayed in the Story Tower in a Story Metropolitan King room. Their website describes these rooms as “industrial loft meets functional boutique hotel; reflecting an energetic, fun vibe like nothing else in Las Vegas.” I would agree with those sentiments. We toured the lobbies of several hotels during our stay, and I would have to say the SLS was very chic, trendy, and young compared to a lot of hotels on the strip. It’s on the north end of the strip and it’s smaller so it has less intense crowds and walk through traffic than you will find elsewhere. Everything in the hotel is super convenient; you can find a bathroom on the main level, casino, bar, pool, etc without having to take a hike all around the facility and get lost like we did everywhere else we visited. SLS is the northernmost stop on the Las Vegas Monorail, so there is also a huge convenience factor there. 

view from SLS Las Vegas Story Metropolitan KingI really enjoyed our stay in the Story Metropolitan King room. The room itself was pretty small but the view was great. They were able to combine an intimate space with high class luxury. Everything was black and white, upscale, and minimalist. 

SLS Las Vegas Story Metropolitan KingI think my favorite feature of the room was the infinity mirrors. They lit up around the edges. There was one on either side of the room. They put off a good amount of light and were really fun to use to get ready! I kind of want one for my bedroom now! Perfect to use for getting ready day or night. 

SLS Las Vegas showersI didn’t have a great lens on my camera to capture the entire bathroom but the shower was beautiful and amazing and had a clean, white tile that quickly became #goals for my future fantasy shower. I prefer a clear glass door over a shower curtain any day and I loved showering in this shower so much, and also loved their shampoo and conditioner. They carry their own brand that is also found in the showers in their Ciel Spa which I will be reviewing in a couple days. Of course, the other thing I loved about their shower was taking my sweet time using it because this was our first kid-free trip EVER and I wasn’t having to rush. 

SLS Las Vegas bathroomI loved that they had little sample sizes of everything we may have run out of or forgotten but one quick lesson I learned was to READ what the items in the room say. I got really excited about the snack bar and started lifting things up only to realize that everything on the snack bar is considered purchased once it’s been up in the air for 60 seconds. And I don’t exactly feel like spending $14 on gummy bears. So there’s that. I pretty much had nightmares for the remainder of our trip that someone would knock over the snack bar by accident in the middle of the night and we would owe $3,000 in almonds, crackers, and condoms without even knowing what hit us. Thankfully, it never happened! 

SLS Las Vegas snack barThere was a nice little fridge of $$$ booze in our room too which we didn’t even open but it was nice for the convenience factor had we decided to stay in our room to drink. 

liquor fridge SLS Las VegasSLS Story Metropolitan King roomStratosphere from SLS Las VegasAll in all, I really enjoyed our stay in Vegas and would absolutely recommend a Story Metropolitan King room for a stay at the SLS. The picture above was taken right outside by the entrance to the Monorail and you can perfectly see the Stratosphere from where we are at.

Steven Curry at the SLSWhile it might not seem like we were in the center of the “action,” I certainly didn’t feel slighted in our experience. We had a celebrity sighting of Steven Curry (basketball player) within 10 minutes of being outside our hotel, T-Pain was outside at the pool at some point during the day, and Busta Rhymes was having a birthday party in a room off of the casino during our stay. I really enjoyed the decor of the Center Bar, the casino was smaller than most we had seen but plenty big enough for what we were hoping to participate in, and there were lots of food options. I particularly enjoyed The Perq, and treated myself to a few hazelnut iced lattes and their Pistachio Amaretto Cherry gelato and they were out of this world (in price and in taste). Lastly, the Ciel Spa was fit for a queen and I can’t wait to tell you all about my experience later in the week!

Have you ever been to Vegas? I had a great trip and would totally go again at some point. If you go, where do you stay? I’d love to hear your recommendations on places to go and things to see for next time! 

*I did not collaborate with SLS on this post, and my experiences are honest and my own. This post does contain affiliate links.


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