A few weeks ago, I took a couples trip to Las Vegas. It was SO MUCH FUN. None of us had ever been, and we were really psyched to experience Sin City. We stayed at the SLS (I wrote about that here) and had the best time. It was so nice to get away and made us realize we need to get out of town way more often than we do. A lot of people go to Vegas to gamble, drink, and get crazy, but we went to sightsee, hang out, and celebrate my friend’s birthday. Sure, there was some drinking (by everyone besides me since I’m pregnant) but it was important to me to get some R&R so I really wanted to check out the Ciel Spa located within our hotel.

Ciel Spa at SLS Las Vegas 1Ciel Spa at SLS Las Vegas 4 Ciel Spa at SLS Las Vegas 2Ciel Spa at SLS Las Vegas 3The spa was absolutely gorgeous. Ciel Spa has 10 treatment rooms, a relaxation lounge, couples massage suite, herbal steam rooms, and oversized showers. The first thing we checked out before our massage was the steam room. It was located in a locker room that contained the showers, bathroom, lockers with robes and shoes to change into, etc. Everything in the locker room and the whole spa was mostly white. It lent itself to the relaxing and luxury vibe. I could have stayed in there all day. 

Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 6Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 5Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 7Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 8Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 9Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 10Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 12Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 13Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 14The steam room was amazing to sit in. They had bottled water and cold, wet towels to bring in, and they were diffusing essential oils with the steam into the room. I could feel my sinuses draining and I don’t know if I’ve ever been so relaxed in my life! If my spa experience had ended there, I would have been A-OK with that. But my next stop was my 50 minute Mother to Be Massage, valued at $155. My BFF, Angie was with me and she was treated to a 50 minute massage that they compared to a Swedish Massage.

We went to the Relaxation Lounge for a few minutes until they were ready for us. This room was beautiful and relaxing too. There were hot teas, cookies, and other snacks available during our wait. 

Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 15Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 16Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 17Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 18My actual massage was everything I could have hoped for and more. I had the friendliest massage therapist, and she had me on my stomach in a donut type thing (if you’ve ever been pregnant you know what I’m talking about) and it was amazing to be able to lay on my stomach. I’m actually a stomach/side sleeper and being pregnant makes it so hard for me to fall asleep at night since I can’t exactly lay that way anymore. 

I noticed the rooms were stocked with DoTerra essential oils, and I was really happy about that! I believe in essential oils and I own a few by this brand and they work very well for me. I was so relaxed the entire time and she did a really nice job working out my kinks without making me super sore. I highly recommend if you are going to be doing a lot of walking in Vegas to stop and get a massage at the Ciel Spa. We went on our second day there and it was so nice to be able to get a massage after a long day in airports and a long day of walking around. My feet, legs and back had been really sore prior to my massage, and it was like the magic cure for me to get the Mother To Be massage.

My friend, Angie, had a similar experience at her massage. She had never had one before and she said it was amazing. I’ve had a few in my life and it’s definitely a worthwhile expense, especially on vacation, and especially at the Ciel Spa

Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 20Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 21Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 23Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 24Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 25Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 26Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 22It was also awesome to have 50 minutes to chat with my massage therapist about the area. We have never been to Vegas before this trip and had a terrifying cab ride. I was telling her about how the woman missed her exit because she was writing in her planner and texting while driving, and also prayed to her rosary while she was driving. I really thought she was going to crash, and maybe even on purpose! We had gone from our hotel to Fremont Street and the first cab driver that took us cost $15, the crazy lady cost us $25. She told us it was called longboarding to scam someone into a longer cab ride that we would be none the wiser to. We wouldn’t have had to pay and we should have reported them. She told us about Uber, and we used them for the remainder of the trip. We got to ride in some really cool cars, and the same trip back to Fremont Street using Uber was only $11! Longboarding, indeed.

After my massage, I had to get more of that steam room, so I went back in while Angie took a shower. I grabbed a cup of hot tea from the relaxation room first. I need to find a steam room for myself locally that diffuses essential oils. It was literally the best thing EVER!

Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 34Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 35Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 36As we were leaving, I decided to see what type of goods were sold in the spa. I was pleased to see that they carried Jane Iredale makeup, which I’ve recently become completely obsessed with. I also noticed that they carried Zents (they had the perfume in the steam room too), and many other brands I’ve reviewed on the blog before. They had some really nice beauty brands there! 

Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 30Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 31Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 32Ciel Spa SLS Las Vegas 33We had an amazing stay at SLS and going to Ciel Spa was one of my favorite parts of the trip! I’m currently trying to talk one of my friends into having her future bachelorette party in Vegas and I’m hoping to come back. 

Have you been to Vegas? Have you heard of the SLS Ciel Spa? What should I do there next time I go back?

*Spa services were in exchange for my honest review.




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