One of my favorite things is discovering new products, new brands, new everything. I love to shop, be it window shopping, online shopping, or in person, and I’m always drawn to things I’ve never seen or heard of before. Ittse* recently came on my radar and of course I wanted to give them a try. Ittse is a line of customizable cosmetics. You can build your own palettes with eye shadow, blush, brow products, bronzer and highlighter and they are so much fun! 

Ittse Cosmetics paletteIf you’re interested in trying out Ittse, you can start by getting a customizable palette, you can purchase a curated collection, or of course you can buy each of the refill packs individually. You just won’t have anything to put them in if you don’t buy a palette! You can purchase an empty palette for $21.99. Each palette is magnetic and holds a bunch of these products in them. They’re easy to clean, have a huge mirror and a dust shield, and come in six colors. I have Crisp White.

Crisp White customizable ittse paletteIttse really has a wide variety of colors to choose from. I kind of love customizing my own little palette. You get to play so much. To top it off, all of the Ittse items I have tried have been really high quality. They are very intensely pigmented (almost too much for me actually- more on that in a minute) and they have a silky, velvety texture. You can see how velvety they are in my swatches below. Best yet, the eyeshadows are only $7.99 which I think is a super low price for something so nice. One of the reasons I tend to gravitate towards higher end products is because I have noticed that the vibrancy of drugstore products doesn’t last through the day- at least what I have tried. These were surprisingly high quality for how much they cost. 

Ittse pressed eyeshadow refillYou can see in this picture just how much I was able to pack in here. I have a variety of eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, and a brow product in here, which is quite a bit of stuff! I have the dust shield down in this picture but it makes me a little nervous because as you can see in the next picture, just having it there kicked up a little bit of product out of the blush. I wonder if it would do that more and more over time since that was the amount of powder kicked up from moving it only one time. 

Ittse customizable palette with dust flapTop row: Demure, Brut, Azuline, After Hours; Bottom row: Zinnia, Cairo, Toasted

Ittse customizable paletteTop row: Demure, Brut, Azuline, After Hours; Bottom row: Zinnia, Cairo, Toasted

I really love how vibrant these all are. The texture is buttery and creamy and amazing and despite how they have a little fallout in the pan, I didn’t suffer from that on my eyelids. I have no gripes about the eyeshadows. The blush ($8.99), however, got clowny on me really fast. It’s so pigmented that even with the fluffiest brush and lightest application I really struggled not to over do it. It did have the most gorgeous shade of soft pink with a golden overtone that really reminded me of Nars Orgasm, so if you are looking for a lower priced dupe of that, it’s still worth looking into. The matte finish bronzer ($8.99) got a little muddy on me as well. I think the problem was that the formula for everything seemed to be the exact same, buttery soft, velvety texture. I need a stiffer formula for my bronzer and blush and especially my brow powder ($6.99) so I wasn’t a huge fan of those three. 

Ittse eyeshadow swatchesEyeshadow swatches- Demure, Brut, Azuline, After HoursIttse blush, bronzer, and brow swatchesBlush– Zinnia, Bronzer– Cairo, Brow-Toasted

You can see in these swatches how soft that brow powder is especially! Honestly though, I’d still wear all of these shades on my eyelids. The eyeshadows were the star of the show, and for such a low price for each, you really can’t beat it!

Have you tried Ittse yet? Have you heard of brand?  

*Items provided for consideration. Opinions my own.

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  1. Erika
    March 30, 2016 at 5:02 pm (1 year ago)

    The palette looks great and the makeup colours are so pretty. I agree, I prefer a harder press for bronzer and blush. Makes it easier to control the amount of colour I’m applying.


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