I was so excited for my haircut yesterday because I figured it would be the perfect time to wind down. As I was sitting in the stylist’s chair I realized I was having a hard time relaxing. I have been so wound up recently that I can’t let loose. All of my muscles were tense and I couldn’t make myself take a deep breath and leave my stress at the door. After my appointment, I jetted off to a nearby nail salon to see if they were still taking customers for the night and to my delight they were still open. I don’t indulge in pedicures often so it was pretty special!

I had a solid 45 minutes of warm bubbly water, leg and foot massage, and polish. It was divine. Every time I indulge in something that makes me feel renewed like that I wonder why I don’t budget my time, energy, and funds into myself more often. When I got home I decided to pull out a recent product find of mine to use after my shower. FarmHouse Fresh Quinsyberry Botanical Body Oil* was just what the doctor ordered.

FarmHouse Fresh Quinsyberry Botanical Body Oil 1I’ve been doing a different post shower routine lately to keep my skin feeling soft and moisturized, but this was a welcome change for me. The formula is a combination of blackcurrant extract, vitamins A, C, and E, soybean, jojoba, sunflower and apricot kernel oils, grapeseed and olive fruit oils, shea butter, and cocoa seed butter. The scent is so fresh and amazing. FHF describes it as an apple blossom and tea note. I am smelling berries and cream. Either way it’s delectable and it has the same effect on me that everything I’ve tried from FHF has had. They nail it with the scents of their formula every time and this is no exception.

As I said, I’m using this post shower. I’ll towel off until my skin is damp but mostly dry. I apply several pumps of this to each limb. I’m using about four pumps on each leg, each arm, my torso, etc. It seems like I’m using up a lot but I’m not powering through it so I know it’s going a long way. My skin is super soft and the scent fades within a few hours. I just used it again a few minutes ago and I’m not overpowered by the scent but I smelled my arm and the scent is still present. I love using oils on my body year round but especially in the summer when I show my legs and my arms and neck a lot with less clothing, I like to have youthful and glowing skin and this will be the ticket. 

FarmHouse Fresh Quinsyberry Botanical Body Oil 2The only thing I don’t love about products like this is they come with a pump and I would like a spray. There are pros and cons of a pump though. I always think I want a spray so I don’t have to get the oils on my hands, but a spray gets everywhere and I end up with slippery tile in my bathroom and I wipe out. So there’s that, LOL. 

I think you’re going to love this. It’s $18 for a 4.5 oz. glass bottle and it’s worth every penny. Pick it up at FHF today

*Product provided for consideration. Opinions are my own. 

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  1. Daisy
    July 12, 2016 at 10:11 pm (1 year ago)

    I was going on a cruise and forgot my moisterizer, a friend of mine gave me the Quinsyberry botanical oil and told me to take it with me to the cruise. Well i must say i am truly in love with this oil and thats all i have been using. Not oily at all its very smooth.


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