It’s so close to Spring time that I can almost taste it. I am doing a deep clean of my house, donating old clothes, and sorting through beauty products. Beauty products are so fun to add to my collection but can be the bane of my existence at the same time. We have a tiny little master bathroom and trying to fit all my makeup in it is torturous. Actually, it’s impossible.

When we moved here, I knew bathroom storage was going to be an issue. My eDiva doesn’t fit in the closet, and besides storing beauty products under my sink, those were my only two options. For the first couple months that we lived here, I had myself convinced I could cram everything in the bathroom. We bought a cabinet to go over our toilet for a little more storage and I had beauty products jammed in every which corner.

my bathroom storageFinally, after searching on Pinterest for storage solutions that all rendered impossible for our small space, I came to the realization that the reason I couldn’t find a solution for my beauty storage was because I simply had far too many things. About a year ago I ended up taking an honest look at the beauty products I had and made three piles- keep, toss, or give away. I really didn’t think much of my stuff had gone bad at all but I soon came to the harsh realization that many of these beauty products I was hoarding and not using had gone bad or had dried up. I threw away an embarrassing amount of products, donated everything that was not bringing me joy, and took the very small (ok- by my standards but probably still A LOT!) of remaining beauty products and found homes for them in my bathroom.

These days, I have things in trays and while it’s not the most gorgeous and enticing way to store my makeup, it’s working for me for now. Eyeliners, eyebrow products, and ONE mascara live together in divided storage trays. My palettes all live together in another big box. Lippies live in stacked pencil holder cubes that I got at Target. I’m always surprised how many I can jam in there! I keep some of my essentials in small baskets that stack on one another. My brushes live in a spinning desktop organizer from Marshall’s, and the ones I use most often live in a sequined zip up pouch from Tarte. My every day makeup essentials live in a makeup bag that I can grab and go with in a rush. To be honest, 90% of the time I don’t stray from this bag of beauty products, but when I’m feeling like a change I’ll swap out a beauty product or two.

lipstick storage cubesI’ve really pared down my hair care routine to Moroccanoil, Coconut Water Curl Refresher, and the occasional spritz of dry shampoo, so I really don’t need to hang on to much else. My hair does best when I don’t wash it very often so I try not to load it up with too many hair products. I do have hair spray, smoothing products, and other things that I keep for a special occasion, but everything I need fits on a bin that sits behind my toilet. My skincare and perfume all lives in the cabinet over my toilet! I’m glad my husband drilled it into the studs on the wall, because I’m sure it weighs a TON with everything I’ve put in there!

hair care storageI still keep my eDiva under the sink with some backup products, but there’s not much in there. I have really made a conscious effort not to own so much stuff anymore. I love reviewing products and trying new things over time, but having to wade through 50 foundations every morning got old and it was taking me forever to get ready! I own less than I have in a long time but I am happier with my smaller and tidier collection of beauty products now than ever before! 

bathroom closet storageOver the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing posts that some of my friends have written on how they have organized their own vast collections. I’m always so curious what other people are doing to organize. I’d love to hear in the comment section how you organize your own beauty goodies! 

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3 Comments on Beauty Organization and Storage

  1. New York For Beginners
    February 29, 2016 at 6:57 pm (1 year ago)

    I hear you… And many cosmetics get spoilt in my ever-so-hot bathroom, so I have decided to keep them in my living area bookcase to compliment my book selection. They pair up wonderfully well!

    • justina
      March 1, 2016 at 6:27 pm (1 year ago)

      Books and makeup- two of my favorite things <3


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