What skincare products that you use give immediate results?

skincare with instant resultsFor me, it’s usually a mask. If I can change the texture of my skin immediately with an interesting product, I am always intrigued. As I was thinking about this question, three products that I like to use came to mind. Two are masks, and one is a skin treatment.

dr brandt oxyen facial flash recovery maskThe first is Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask*. This mask is a real trip. It’s an oxygenating mask that seems to infuse bubbles of hydration into your skin. Within moments of putting it on, I can feel little bubbles fizzing and popping. It actually tickles! It’s like having Alka Seltzer on your face. In around 3 minutes, the mask’s effects are finished. I am left with brighter, softer, smoother skin. I was so tripped out by this that I made my husband try it just so I could laugh at his WTF face when he felt it bubbling up. 

fresh beauty black tea instant perfecting maskinstant perfecting mask, fresh beautyFresh Beauty’s Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask* is another mask worth its weight in gold. Whenever my skin is just feeling kind of gross, whether it be because I’m having a breakout, or forgot to put on moisturizer before bed, this is the instant perk I need. The formula has a velvety, whipped, texture and there’s a cooling effect. It smells like fresh cucumbers. My skin looks plumper and smoother and feels so hydrated when I use this. It’s a great pick me up. 

shiseido ibuki multi solution gelmulti solution gelShiseido Ibuki Multi Solution Gel* is the last hero product I have to share with you! The texture of this formula in the jar is almost bouncy. It’s a thick gel, and you could tip over the jar with the lid off, and the stuff would just kind of slide out little by little, if you get what I’m saying. You can put this on breakouts, roughness, and dry patches, and it minimizes the appearance of pores. I have worn this at night and during the day, but I have to say I love wearing it during the day under makeup. It’s almost like a primer, instantly smoothing over my pores and giving makeup an extra, smooth layer to adhere to. It makes my skin look instantly better every time I use it! 

*Some items were provided as press samples. This does not change my honest opinion. Affiliate links are in use. 

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