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rishi sweet matcha tea reviewI have been trying to avoid Starbucks lately. I feel like there are two forms of existence for me in general- times when I am all about that Starbucks and times when I am in avoidance mode. When I am in every day drive- through coffee mode, yes I am caffeinated, but I am also feeling those broke vibes. I don’t need to be spending $5+ on coffee every day, and I certainly don’t need the extra calories in my life. I added up my Starbucks bill one month, and I shit you not, I spent more on lattes than I spent on my phone bill. Makes me sick to think about!

Mostly what I get when I go there is some sort of latte. I am usually getting a caffeinated beverage but from time to time I will get something low on caffeine like a Chai, just because I like to have the warmth and the sugar. I figure if I stock up on some powdered drink mixes, that will keep me responsible. Last time I was at World Market, I found this Rishi Sweet Matcha Mix and had to stock up!

rishi matcha green teamaking matcha green teaI’ve been mixing a coffee mug full of skim milk with a heaping spoonful of the matcha and stirring it up. On the back are instructions for making a matcha latte, an iced match latte, and matcha lemonade. If you had more ingredients you could probably make an iced frappucino too. I love how sweet and creamy this is. I would be curious about trying this with almond or coconut milk to see how it would change the flavor. There’s a touch of caffeine but you’re not going to get the shakes from this, it’s probably equivalent to what you will be getting from a chai. 

matcha green tea reviewThe ingredients say that this mix has cane sugar and Japanese matcha green tea. I’m guessing with cane sugar being the #1 ingredient, I am forfeiting most of the health benefits found in matcha. On Amazon.com this retails for around $5, which is the price of one of my lattes from Starbucks, yet I am getting around 10 servings. For around 50 cents a drink, I am saving a TON of money brewing my beverages at home! I am already on the lookout for what kind of drink mixes I can get on Amazon Prime

What kind of drinks do you make at home? Anyone else trying to kick a Starbucks addiction?

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