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bras from designer intimatesTwo pregnancies later, two little girls, and over two years (total) of breastfeeding, and I have spent about four years of my life feeding babies from my body. It’s kind of amazing to think that I was able to nourish my little ones, but thinking about putting those years behind me is also depressing in a way. Before having babies, I was an itty bitty little B cup. Pregnancy and nursing took me to an overflowing C. 

Chest size isn’t everything, but mine makes me slightly self conscious. I’ve always been tall- I’m 5’11” when I’m not slouching- and I have a very boyish frame. When I am in good shape I am flat on both sides. I have a slightly curvier figure these days which comes from keeping a little more junk in the trunk than I did before my baby-rearing years. The C cup I gained has helped me feel more balanced with my curves. Without the milk, I am positive my chest will be shrinking big time, and I am NOT looking forward to it.

designer intimates reviewWe are down to one night “feeding” and I am trying to wean us down to nothing. In the meantime, I am planning what I’m going to do about bras when I am all done with this nursing business. I desperately needed some new bras so I turned to Designer Intimates for help. I won’t lie, I immediately clicked on Push-Up because I wanted to get as much padding as I could. I picked out six bras, and they were very reasonably priced. I was even able to pay with PayPal, which made me feel even better about the purchase, from a brand that I had never heard of before.

bramy favorite braIf you are new to the brand, they have European inspired intimate designs that are reasonably priced, and SO chic. I was able to buy six bras for just over $200, which are the type of prices I can typically only find at clearance sales of some of the high end lingerie stores. Pushup bras I’ve had in the past have been uncomfortable and the wires have dug into me, but I’ve experienced nothing but comfort with Designer Intimates. To be honest, I haven’t worn any of my other high end bras in over a month now. They are really that good!

designer intimates bras- european inspiredIn case you’re curious which bras I grabbed, I got the Embrace Convertible Extreme Plunge, Amanda Cami Bra Convertible Strapless, Intrigue Add a Cup Size, Convertible Strapless Bra, and Intrigue Padded Bra in two different colors. My favorite is the Convertible Strapless Bra in Fawn– it’s so nice and it doesn’t surprise me at all that they named it Bra of the Year. Another favorite, and also the most GORGEOUS is the Intrigue that is in most of these photos. The detail is so pretty and it doesn’t take away from the comfort whatsoever. I also wanted to mention that I picked up my size in all of these bras, and it was very standard to what I expected. 

I’m so glad I was able to find bras that worked so well for my post-baby body. I am so thrilled with these bras and I have so much self confidence in my chest now! If you are interested in picking up some bras for yourself for the line, feel free to use the code JUSTINA15 to get yourself 15% off. Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear what you order!

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