In the past few weeks that I have put my nose to the grindstone with shopping for my kids, I am realizing how difficult it is to buy for same sex siblings. My three year old is onto a new obsession weekly and her one year old sister basically uses all of her hand me down toys. I have been at a loss for what to buy for either of them this year that will be new and exciting without taking up a lot of space. We end up with so many gifts for birthdays and the holidays that it’s hard to keep everything from taking over our house. This year, I have tried to keep the gifts on our list small, inexpensive, and useful. Here are a few of the items I’ve picked up for my kids!

gift ideas for toddler girls

1) Books– My oldest is only three but recently she’s been “reading” all the words to the Pink Drink book out loud when I turn the page. She loves the color pink, loves the story line, and she just really connects with Pinkalicious! I think she will learn to read with these books. If your kid has a book they are loving, check out if there is more of the series. I picked up a few more books from this series on

2) Kid’s microphone– My kids are always reaching for things in stores that they like. Jc Penney had a kid’s microphone in store last month and it looked perfect for a three year old. I snagged this one on sale for $14 between sales and coupons. Score!

3) Clothes– It just so happens that my kids are growing and needing new clothing right around Christmas time. They’re so young that I don’t feel guilty picking them up clothing for a gift even though it’s a necessity. Especially when it’s adorable dress like this one.

4) An experienceDisney on Ice is coming to town in January and I plan to buy some tickets. More so than having another toy around the house I think the experience of going to an amazing show will be something that sticks with her.

5) Socks I swear my drier eats socks. I take every chance I can get to replace them and although it’s not a super fun gift, I always wrap it with something more exciting. Stride Rite in my mall is switching locations and was having a 70% off sale last week so I could totally see wrapping up some socks with a fancy pair of Frozen boots!

6) Magna Tiles– I recently discovered these and I’m kind of obsessed. I didn’t purchase them myself but I put them on my toddler’s wish list. We seem to collect a lot of things that are used for building- blocks, Duplos, etc. but somehow I’ve made it three years of having kids without knowing about these. They are great for developing fine motor skills and creativity. They are super colorful and are basically magnets that adhere in all directions and click while they pull apart. I can’t wait to see what my kids will be building with these.

7) Me Reader– One of my friends was just telling me she swears by this for her little one. My kids are both at a stage where they want me reading or interacting with them every second. I love hanging out with them and especially reading, but I also need to shower, do dishes, get dressed (insert any 5-10 minute activity here) and sometimes will need just a few minutes to myself. These little storybooks have special buttons to read the selected story while the child follows along. It sounds to me like the next step after a touch and play book, and the first step to getting your child to read on their own. I think this could capture my kids’ attention for a few minutes and buy me some time where they are still “reading” but I don’t have to take an active part. 

I hope my girls like what I am getting for them! I’m getting so excited with the holidays coming up. What did you get for the kids on your list?


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