I’ve been using the best lip duo EVER lately, and I’ve been using it for MONTHS to the point where time has escaped me and I literally thought I posted on this forever ago. I was up taking pictures the other night well past my bedtime and reached for this and realized I had put quite the dent in the lippie. And of course as I’m going to retweet/reshare my post I realized I never wrote about it after all. Oops. This is probably my all time favorite luxury lip product, it is literally so good I don’t know what I ever did with my dry lips before I discovered the Tahitian Coconut Lip Therapy Set

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I’ve been using this for about two months straight and it’s been amazing for my lips despite the fact that the weather has been so cold. These are literally a godsend. They smell delicious like coconuts and they just work. The price tag is $48 for the set which is a bit of a sticker shock but they are fabulous and of course for that price, they better be! 

arbonne tahitian coconut lip smoother duo

The duo comes with the Tahitian Coconut Lip Smoother and the Tahitian Coconut Lip Salve. The lip smoother has an extremely fine grit and it’s not sloughing off your lips brutally. Have you ever tried a lip scrub that just plain hurt? I know a lot of people use oils and sugar but that can actually feel like too much for me when my lips are really tender. I wear a matte lip a lot of the time and that can be really drying and so I need to be gentle with myself when I am trying to get the flakes off. This is probably the gentlest scrub I have used. I gently buff it into my lips and in a couple swipes it is completely dissolved, and I tissue it off. Some key ingredients are the coconut fruit extract, grapeseed oil, and dragon fruit extract. I cook with grapeseed oil a lot so I have it around and I am tempted to play with it to make my own DIY lip scrub at some point because it leaves my lips so supple. 

The salve is literally the BEST one out there that I’ve tried. It has meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. It goes on thick and absorbs but still leaves a light coating on my lips that keeps them smooth, hydrated, and seems to heal the chapped feeling I have. As a bonus it smells amazing obviously because of the coconut! That scent does fade a touch but it still stays long enough that if you can’t stand coconut you probably won’t like this. 

arbonne lip salve and exfoliatorI was playing in front of my Christmas tree the night I took the next picture and I wanted to show you the huge dent I’ve put in this. I don’t think I’ve EVER used up an entire lip balm, especially not one that comes in such a huge pot. I have always lost it or lost interest in it and discarded it for the next thing. But…I’ve kept this one around because it’s too good to lose!

arbonne lippieHave you tried anything by Arbonne before? I haven’t dabbled much into the brand but I am liking the few things I’ve tried! 

3 Comments on Arbonne Tahitian Coconut Lip Therapy Set

  1. Erika
    December 8, 2015 at 5:15 pm (2 years ago)

    I haven’t tried this brand but it looks fantastic. I’m fanatical about lip care.

  2. Yuki
    February 20, 2016 at 10:32 pm (1 year ago)

    What a great review! I am an Arbonne consultant in Australia, so I absolutely love all of our products! This lip therapy set was a bestseller in the Holiday 2015 range. I’m glad you have liked everything you have tried from Arbonne. If you’d like to try anything else, just send me a message! Yuki


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