mirabella beauty jewel thief collection 2015press sample

The holidays are right around the corner. It’s crazy to me, but true. In two months we will be gearing up for the final countdown before Christmas and New Year’s. It’s New Year’s Eve that I think of when I see this gorgeous collection from Mirabella Beauty that they have come out with- the Jewel Thief collection

There are two beautiful palettes that comprise this collection- both have a gorgeous set of earrings etched in the top of the palette. The one I have is the blue set, Diamond Deceit Second Skin eyeshadow. The shades that comprise this palette are the most gorgeous, multidimensional and shimmering shadows in shades of gray, silver, and blue. Believe it or not, the recommended way to apply these is with your fingertips on bare skin, no primer needed.

blackmail and wanted, mirabella beauty 2015 winterTwo other pieces of the collection are the Blackmail Eye Crayon and the Wanted Velvet Lip Pencil. The eye crayon has a super smooth and intense pigment to it, and the shade is a deep black that’s waterproof. It has a large tip but I was able to get a pretty precise line with it. It’s perfect for smoking out if you wanted to wear it with a smoky eye. I did notice that it migrated a bit over time. The lip pencil formula was creamy, satiny, and moisturizing on my lips. Just a little bit was the ticket. I thought it wore well and faded evenly.

lancome miracle cushion foundationmirabella winter beauty 2015 collectionI’m wearing the collection in the picture above. I love the way it looks! I don’t normally opt for these shades but they appealed to me because the packaging is so chic. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t be drooling over eyeshadow that came packaged like gorgeous Chanel earrings? These Mirabella items would be perfect for gifting this holiday season. I think the shades I showed you today would be especially lovely on someone with green eyes. I love the way shades of gray and silvery blue pop on green eyes! I could also see these shades flattering darker skin. 

mirabella beauty winter launch 2015I loved trying these! Isn’t the packaging adorable? Have you ever bought something based upon the packaging? Have you tried Mirabella?

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