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Becca’s killin’ it this season with some of their new launches. I ADORE their new Champagne Pop highlighter (review/buy) and now I am loving a couple other things they had up their sleeve for Fall 2015. I had to share! 

First up- Ombre Rouge. Not to be confused with the Ombre Nudes that they came out with last year. In my opinion, these are a warmer version of last year’s palette. I love that neutral is in, and I love that a good matte eye is in as well. I am 29 and my eye area isn’t getting any younger. I have the faintest onset of fine lines around my eyes (from smiling too much- I can’t complain about that one, I have a good life!) but I love that the trend is what’s flattering for my eyes. There are five shades here that go from light to dark and you can create just about any kind of look here. Neutral, smoky, you name it. I have even worn the lighter shades as an all over wash on my lid.

Becca also claims that these shadows are infused with green coffee oil, which awakens the eyes and smooths the lids, and a built-in priming effect extends the wear of the shadow. I wear this as the primer, and between that and this shadow, it doesn’t budge throughout the day. I’m wearing this non stop on rotation with my other favorite fall palette and let me just say, it’s true love!
becca ombre rouge palette 2
Becca Ombre Rouge Palette

Another fall favorite would have to be some of the new Becca mineral blushes. I have been wearing the Beach Tints almost exclusively, but when I saw this blush launch my heart went pitter-patter and I knew I needed to make room in my stash for a few of these. The first one I picked up was Hyacinth, a vibrant poppy pink. I knew I needed this in my life after I saw the Bite Frozen Berries collection (review/buy) because it’s the perfect flush of pink to wear with a berry lipstick. I have since picked up Lantana, an ultra poppy crimson, and Nightingale, a deep mulberry. Not pictured here, I also have Flowerchild (review/buy), a peachy pink with golden highlights. These blushes are the bomb dot com and I must own them all! Seriously though, they are the type of mineral blush dreams are made from. They are ultra pigmented and a little goes a super long way so even though the pan is little and the price tag is rather high ($32) these will last forever. Despite the fact that these are pretty intense looking, they give the cheeks a natural-looking flush when a light hand is used. 

I also feel like they chose the perfect shades to add to their range. A bright pink is SO much fun to wear to add a touch of life to your cheeks. Mauve-y/plum shades are super easy to wear and the perfect shade to grab and go because they tend to complement most lipstick shades. And a poppy orange is also so much fun and very much a summer/fall shade. I will have so much fun playing with these and I love that there is a range from soft and subtle to bold and bright! 

becca blushes fall 2015Becca Mineral Blushes

Below I’m wearing the Ombre Rouge palette on my eyes- shades 1, 4, and 5 to be specific- and Hyacinth blush on my cheeks. I am absolutely loving this look so much that I’ve worn it two days in a row now 🙂

becca ombre rouge palette look 2becca ombre rouge palette lookIn case you are interested in the rest of my details, here’s what I’m wearing:

Beyond Perfecting, Translucent Powder, Hyacinth, UDPP, Deep Brown, Ombre Rouge, Noir, It Lash, Lively

I adore Becca and unlike some makeup launches that are exciting at first and then end up being gifted, Becca items always end up being staples for me. Of course these are no exception. If you can only get one thing from their launch, pick up the palette. That fourth shade over is the perfect burnt orange/brown that I am seriously craving for fall. Reminds of me a #PSL!

What are you picking up from this launch? What’s your favorite thing? I <3 Becca! 


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  1. Jessica T
    September 3, 2015 at 6:03 pm (2 years ago)

    I love how this palette looks on you. One of my most favorite looks of yours. I’ve heard good things about it but I feel like I’d only use the first three shades so I don’t know if I can justify it. I ordered Champagne Pop the other day and am excited to try it out. I also saw that Ulta has a Becca kit that I may end up picking up! I love finding good deals in smaller sizes. What are you wearing on your lips? Love the colors, sorry if you posted it and I missed it!


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