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5 things you need for adult bracesSomething you may not know about me is that I wear bottom braces on my front 8 teeth. It’s not a secret I am keeping but I don’t love wearing them and I want to be done with them already, so I don’t really showcase them on the blog. They’re not my favorite thing in the world so today I am sharing with you five things that are helping me suffer through!

braces face1) A sense of humor. No, seriously. I get so annoyed that I am wearing braces. My teeth were never really that bad but years of playing saxophone put pressure on my front teeth that would cause me pain. Finally I couldn’t take it that my one twisted tooth would throb all the time and I decided to fix it. When we were moving from Washington to Wisconsin my orthodontist rushed my last couple adjustments in my braces so I could get them off and they weren’t quite ready. When he took the bottom braces off they were still crooked so now that we are settled here (and never moving again!) I got a half set on the bottom row to fix the problem. What was supposed to be a three month fix this go around has turned into six months and counting! At my last appointment I asked when my treatment would be done, and the ortho said he appreciated my sense of humor. But seriously…I want out of these ASAP!

bright lipstick2) Bright lipstick. Of course this is vain but since I have a metal mouth attention is immediately drawn there when I talk. I like to have more than one reason for people to be staring at my mouth. Maybe instead of asking me about my braces they’ll be admiring my lip color instead!

tooth scraper3) A tooth or plaque scraper. This thing looks kind of scary but it’s a lifesaver! It’s hard to wedge in the nooks and crannies of your mouth to clean it when you have braces. My upper teeth have a permanent retainer behind them now and I use this to scrape the plaque off once a week to keep things clean and cavity free!

floss pick4) A floss pick! I’ve used water flossers and floss picks with great success while I’ve been in braces. Eventually I ended up sticking with these because they don’t take up counter space in my bathroom. It’s such a pain to use real floss with braces because you have to weave it in with a tool to get it between your teeth. I prefer to use the sharp end of a floss pick to clean my teeth out. If something gets stuck between a brace and a tooth I can poke it back out with the pointy end too.

toothpaste and mouth rinse5) A high quality mouth rinse and tooth brush. I’ve been using REACH® Complete Care™ Mouth Rinse and CURVE Toothbrush and loving what a thorough job it does to keep my mouth clean and healthy. The mouth rinse offers 8-in-1 benefits: kills bad breath germs, helps prevent gingivitis, reduces plaque, fights tartar build-up, freshens breath and cleans the whole mouth by foaming between the teeth with no burn of alcohol. No other mouthwash on the market offers this combination of advantages. I love that the container is designed with a dosage cup and that I can hang my toothbrush on the side to keep it away from icky countertop germs. 

If anything, having braces as an adult makes me much more conscious of my oral hygiene than ever. My hard earned money is paying for the braces since I’m an adult and insurance doesn’t cover them. It makes me want to keep my teeth as clean as possible and do the best job I can to keep a healthy smile. 82% of the nation’s moms never skip brushing their teeth every night. I am definitely one of them! I never skip a night and it’s even easier to streamline my routine when I keep these things on hand!

Do you keep good oral hygiene? Do you wear braces? I’d love to hear tips or tricks you might have on how to get through the remainder of my time in braces! 

2 Comments on 5 Things You Need to Get Through Having Adult Braces

  1. Jessica T
    August 11, 2015 at 11:12 am (2 years ago)

    That is so cool that the bottle has a thing to hang your brush on!

    • justina
      August 11, 2015 at 1:22 pm (2 years ago)

      Yes, I thought so too!


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