A couple weeks ago I noticed that one of my favorite brands EVER, Becca, had come out with a new highlighter. Makeup artist Jaclyn Hill helped create Champagne Pop, a soft white gold highlighter with peachy pink undertones. Knowing it would probably sell out fast, I immediately purchased it online at Sephora and also threw in a couple other items that I wanted. I am a huge sucker for Becca’s highlighters, and I own all of them! They are holy grail status for me. Finely milled, a gorgeous texture that doesn’t make my pores look huge, just enough shimmer, and yep, they are a must have!

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The shade Champagne Pop is limited edition but I could see it sticking around. Rose Gold was limited edition once too, and I’ve seen it make a comeback so hopefully this one will be around for a while. I recently broke my Moonstone highlighter which was a SAD moment. In my opinion Champagne pop is a happy medium between the Rose Gold shade with it’s pinky tones and the Moonstone shade’s pale gold sheen.

The way these highlighters are made, they have the most perfect pearlized glow. They are infused with light-reflecting pearls that beautifully catch the light, allowing your features to pop. They are just so pretty. I remember the first time I ever stuck my finger in one of these at the store, I was like whoa! You really have to see it in person with these highlighters to believe how special they are. 

becca champagne popJust so you can drool with me, I’ll show you what else I picked up when I bought Champagne Pop! I had been wanting the Flowerchild blush forever so I thought doing a Becca haul was a perfect time to snatch it up. Also, Hyacinth looks super bright pink but I thought it would be the perfect shade to go with the Bite Frozen Berries collection, so I knew I needed it! I hadn’t tried the Mineral Blushes from Becca before these two (and of course now I have even MORE to show you in an upcoming post soon!) and so far I’m really impressed. I live and breathe for the Beach Tints and I have a post coming up in a few days on my super basic makeup that I always end up wearing, and of course I will talk about the Beach Tints more in that post! 

becca blushesbecca champagne pop highlighterI’m also admiring the packaging these come in. Each one has a little mirror and brushed silver packaging that doesn’t get all smudgy.

becca hyacinth swatchesChampagne Pop, Flower Child, Hyacinthstrobing with becca champagne popSo, “strobing” is the new word for highlighting. I’m pretty sure I’ve gathered that it involves just a straight up highlight, not the contour part. It sounds easier, so I’m game. Here I’m wearing Champagne Pop on my upper cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose, above my lip, a little on my forehead, etc. I’ve reached for this every single day since I bought it. Definitely worth the splurge!

strobing with champagne pop 2Have you tried Becca yet? How about their highlighters? If not, Champagne Pop is a great place to start! I’d love to hear what your favorite Becca highlighter is below!


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